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Letters to the Editor in Support of Kate Wiltz:

Kate Wiltz is excited to serve as District 2 Representative for Monroe County Council. Kate is my coworker and friend. She collaborates with many types of agencies and people in her role as a project manager. The characteristic I admire most about Kate is her critical thinking skills. She undoubtedly demonstrates a spirit of curiosity when evaluating a situation and asks the questions that make you think more systematically about an issue. In this way, she encourages due diligence and holds people accountable. Kate’s priorities relate to the issues that impact all of us in some way. She believes in supporting services for those affected by addiction; connecting people with safe, accessible routes to the places they need to be; and ensuring that our natural resources are managed for both economic and environmental sustainability. Kate’s comprehensive knowledge about project management, paired with her dedication to this community would make her an invaluable member of the Council. I support Kate Wiltz’s candidacy for Monroe County Council, District 2 Representative and I hope you support her too! 

--Sally Pelto-Wheeler


I am writing to urge readers of the Herald Times to vote in the upcoming primary election on May 8th. Now is the time to start learning about the candidates and their platforms. I urge voters to support Kate Wiltz for Monroe County Council District 2. As a mother, I support Kate Wiltz because I have seen her volunteer for the PTO and make lasting changes to the recycling programs at Rogers/Binford as well as other volunteerism with in MCCSC.

As a health care professional, I support Kate Wiltz for Monroe County Council because of her commitment to supporting public health services for those affected by addiction. I see the impacts of the opioid epidemic on this community every day at my job. Further, a 12-week treatment for Hepatitis C can cost $95,000 for medication alone. Kate supports measures that reduce the spread of preventable diseases, specifically those related to opioid dependence. Understanding the value of prevention is paramount in public safety and public health, and we need elected officials that understand this concept. Vote for Kate Wiltz for Monroe County Council District 2 on May 8th.  

--Elizabeth Carney


I am extremely happy to hear that Kate Wilz is running for the Monroe County Council seat in the 2nd district. I have known Kate for over 25 years and have found her to be one of the most hardworking and trustworthy people I know.  Her campaign speech at a recent fundraiser gave me goosebumps, and in a few minutes I knew exactly what Kate stood for,  I could feel her empathy for Monroe County families hit by the opioid epidemic, her passion for creating a more sustainable community where people of all ages have safe places to walk, bike and recreate.  But most of all I know that Kate will be a good steward of our natural resources ensuring they are intact for future generations.  Please come out and vote for Kate Wilz for Monroe County Council!  

--Spencer Goehl


I encourage voters to support Kate Wiltz for Monroe County Council, District 2 during our primary election on May 8th. During these tumultuous political times, it is tempting to feel cynical about participating in the election process. However, political inaction could be especially costly this time around. This year, voters have the opportunity to participate in one of the most important elections of our time, weighing in on array of critical issues. Our local elections feature talented and truly passionate candidates ready to serve our community, including Kate Wiltz. Kate has demonstrated her dedication to our collective community, individual citizens, and our shared natural resources time and again through her work and service. To know Kate is to recognize her authenticity. Working together on a recent campaign committee, I witnessed first-hand her excellent communication skills, ability to intelligently problem-solve, and grace under pressure. I am confident in her ability to help craft appropriate fiscal policy for the county, and to treat the concerns of residents with genuine care. She is a true steward of our community, and, as County Councilor, will be a passionate advocate for residents’ quality of life, effective transportation, and the sustainability of our environment. Vote Kate!

--Lisa Borrero


In January of 2017, Democrats in our country – especially Democratic women – were still reeling from a discouraging election loss. My wife, Kate, decided to show our daughters an affirmative way to turn disappointment into action. At her direction, the family packed the car and headed to Washington, D.C., for the Women’s March, where hundreds of thousands protested peacefully.

Speakers included Muslim women, representatives from Black Lives Matter, many other female activists, and a few men. One theme that was repeated many times over was bringing the message of equality back to our hometowns, and women were encouraged to run for local office to initiate needed changes in our wonderful country.

Fast forward to the present, and Kate has answered that clarion call by running in this community for Monroe County council. During the past year, we have seen greater empowerment of women, including the #MeToo movement where many have come forward with terrible stories of abuse and discrimination.

Maybe it’s time we just voted for women. I’m going to, and for me it starts with Kate Wiltz for Monroe County council. Then, maybe a few years down the road, she can pass the torch to our daughters.

--Jim Wiltz


If the opiate crisis has brought us the worst of times, it has also revealed who is best prepared to deal with the problem. Among the candidates for Monroe County Council, District 2, it is Kate Wiltz.

Kate’s academic training and professional work in the management of natural resources and agricultural lands have honed her ability to see the opioid problem holistically. That is, she sees it as a challenge to many inter-related facets of society: medical treatment, law enforcement, social and family services, housing, education and rehabilitation. She understands that the county council deals with many such problems, with financial constraints that require careful prioritization.

We need Kate’s strategic planning skills. It is a time for tough questioning, attentive listening, industrious homework and the ability to formulate the best practicable solutions to pressing problems. We need evidence-based policy — the kind of policy that has marked her work for the agricultural extension service, the Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands and the Monroe County Environmental Commission.

Both city and county residents vote in District 2 (Perry Township). This May, I hope they will vote for careful stewardship — for Kate Wiltz as their representative to Monroe County Council.

--Tomilea Allison


It is the best of all worlds when a candidate brings together her professional expertise and personal experiences to address issues and solve problems. Kate Wiltz, a candidate for Monroe County Council, is that person. Currently, Kate is a project manager at IU’s Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands, and in her private life, she is an active member in local events.

In the years that I have known and worked with Kate, she has contributed in numerous ways to our community:

• facilitating the current strategic plan for our Monroe County Health Department;

• constructing a survey for the freeholders of the Lake Lemon Conservancy District to better address concerns on the health and maintenance of the lake;

• supporting private landowners to diversify their land use practices;

• developing a recycling program for students at Binford School with the support of teachers and staff to educate and empower these young people.

Kate has the know-how and work ethic to get things done. She is well-informed and thoughtful in issues that are important to this community. I believe that she will make excellent decisions for the benefit of Monroe County. Please vote for Kate Wiltz for Monroe County Council in District 2.

--Bettina Kehoe


You have those people in life that you are proud to call friend. Sophia Travis was one, Amanda Barge is one, and Kate Wiltz is one.

Kate’s focus is on what she can do to make the world and Bloomington a better place for us all. She is not self-serving. In fact, quite the opposite. She led volunteers and staff in implementing a school recycling program for plastic and aluminum that involved and educated students.

MCCSC was throwing tons of recoverable waste into the landfill every year, costing the county and the environment unnecessarily. She pushed MCCSC to adopt a districtwide approach to recycling for all schools that is used today. Thank Kate for helping the city and teaching our kids to recycle.

Kate has a master of science degree in Natural Resources and is currently conducting a return on investment study on a million-dollar program for the National Park Service. Kate’s daughter is an active member of Bloomington Students Against Assault Weapons and protested gun violence in D.C. alongside my daughter Ruth, a founding member.

Kate is the most grounded choice for County Council. Bloomington is fortunate to have a woman of her dedication and background run for office.

--Gretchen Holtz Nall


I support Kate Wiltz for Monroe County Council, District 2, because she is smart, thoughtful, and well-prepared to represent the residents of our community on the fiscal body of county government.

Due to her background in parks management, volunteer experience and education, Kate knows how important it is to protect our natural resources. She will make wise decisions on watershed management (Lake Monroe), protection of green space and bike/pedestrian trail connections to pass along a green and healthy Monroe County to future generations.

Kate also is dedicated to finding solutions to the opioid epidemic, including expansion of services for people seeking treatment and harm reduction for those currently using. She knows that addiction must be treated as a public health issue, and that punitive measures are not the best solution.

Kate is a good listener and a fast learner. She is also strong in her convictions and dedicated to improving lives for all county residents. I know she is ready to work with city government colleagues to address issues that affect us all, and as a member of the city council, I look forward to working with her. Vote for Kate Wiltz this primary season, and again in the fall!

--Isabel Piedmont-Smith


During this year’s primary election, I voted only for women. That changed with the Republican Party’s blithe support for a Supreme Court nominee despite credible evidence of having committed sexual assault. For me, supporting women has transitioned into voting against the party of Trump, who himself demonstrates male chauvinism on a regular basis.

Are all Republicans sexist? Of course not, but until their representatives stand up against the repeated attacks against women, there should be payback at the ballot box. That can start with our community’s support for Liz Watson, a highly qualified candidate who would serve her constituents with informed, compassionate leadership.

I also hope droves of voters will support Joe Donnelly because his Democratic vote counts in the sharply divided Senate. Hopefully, Monroe County voters also will strongly support Democratic candidates, especially those in contested races. The list of qualified local Democratic candidates running against Republican opponents is long. It includes Penny Githens for state rep, Nicole Browne — a great clerk already, as well as Darcie Fawcett for judge, Lee Jones for Monroe County commissioner and three candidates for Monroe County Council: Shelli Yoder, Ashley Pirani and in District 2 (my favorite candidate), Kate Wiltz.

--Jim Wiltz