Will Smith - Van Buren Township Board


Bloomington—Will Smith has announced his candidacy for a seat on the Van Buren Township Board. Smith is committed to finding ways to ensure safe homes and secure families for everyone in Van Buren Township. An advocate for responsive and responsible local government, Smith wants to help the township fulfill its purpose of maintaining excellent fire protection and assisting struggling hardworking people in their times of need.

Smith has been involved in the local community in many ways over the years, such as volunteering with the Monroe County Public Library’s VITAL program and the ACA Volunteers for Monroe County. He has taught on Christian history for Indiana University’s Lifelong Learning program and First Christian Church of Bloomington.

“I was inspired to run after listening to dozens of my neighbors from across all backgrounds,” Smith said. “I knocked on hundreds of doors in our township last summer as part of the local ‘Your Voice Matters’ listening tour. People talked about supporting our firefighters, reducing hunger and homelessness, and more. I’m running to help make the changes they are asking for.”

Smith currently works as an Assistant Director of Advising for the College of Arts + Sciences at IU, where he has also twice been elected President of the Bloomington Academic Advising Council. He holds degrees in history, theology, and religious studies from Albright College, Harvard University, and IU. Smith has also worked in factory, retail, and hospitality jobs over the years. 

"Will listens to really understand where people are coming from," Karen Ellis, a co-worker said. "He makes informed decisions, is a team player, and is someone you can trust to be open and honest."

For more information, please visit Smith’s Facebook page @WillSmithForVanBuren or email [email protected].


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