WFHB: Monroe County Dems Elect First Black Leader

The Monroe County Democratic Party elected the first person of color to lead the party, on Sunday.

Jennifer Crossley beat out Penny Githens in a close vote during party elections at the Nat U. Hill Room, at the Monroe County Courthouse.

Crossley is the first non-White head of the Monroe County Democratic party. She replaces outgoing Monroe County Democratic Party Chair Mark Fraley, who served as the head of the organization, over the past four years.

Crossley is still among only a handful of women to lead the Monroe County Democratic Party, with Pat Williams and Lee Jones previously heading the group. Jones now serves as a Monroe County Commissioner, along with Julie Thomas and Amanda Barge, on the first women-led county government, in the state.

The Monroe County Democratic Party also elected former state democratic official, Trent Deckard to the Monroe County Council. Deckard replaces Jones on the council, after she resigned that seat to join the Monroe County Commissioners.