Treasurer Statement

Aug 11th , 2022

Hello everyone,

I am writing you today to tender my resignation as Treasurer of the Monroe County Democratic
Party, effective 9 am Friday, August 12 th . I have not reached this decision lightly or easily. However,
in recent months personal and professional obligations have consumed more of my time and I can
no longer afford the attention and care the Treasurer role demands and deserves.

While I do write to you with some sadness, I am also grateful. I am grateful to the dozens of
remarkable Monroe County Democrats who have stood together through what has been an
impossibly difficult 5 years. I want to, in particular, thank Mark Fraley, Jennifer Crossley, David
Henry, Kaisa Goodman, Peter Iversen, Ed Robertson, Sofia McDowell, and our current party
officers Ashley Pirani and Shruti Rana for being such strong examples of party leadership. I began
volunteering with the party in 2017 and have served in various party roles since 2018. Each and
every one of these people have been nothing but kind and supportive. They are fiercely energetic
Democrats committed to the party mission and serving their community.

Monroe County is a profoundly special place, but the ground here is not sanctified by the historic
buildings or the academic halls. It’s the people. It is their steadfast belief that something better must
be possible, that the fight is not lost. The character of a place is not derived from brick and mortar
but the spirit of its community. It is this spirit that brought me back to Bloomington and that
convinced me to make a home here. I intend to continue to participate in growing and developing
our community in sustainable, equitable ways and I hope to see all of you along the way.

Thank you all so much for everything.

Democratically yours,
Sam Ujdak