Thoughts on Election 2012


I want to share a few thoughts with you about the election. The results were very positive at the national and local level and I am very proud of our performance in Monroe County. Although Indiana state government went deep red due to Gerrymandered districts, Monroe County continued to be a bright blue beacon.

I wish to thank all of the MCDP officers, MCDP volunteers, coordinated campaign staff, OFA, IU Democrats and everyone that gave this campaign their all. We didn't have an Indiana presidential campaign as the wind behind our backs as in 2008, but we made up for that with a great campaign organization at MCDP headquarters and amazing volunteers.

From the standpoint of the Monroe County Democratic Party Chair, I am proud of the efforts that every candidate invested in this race. You all ran solid campaigns despite the turmoil and tragedy of this election cycle. And although we don’t know the precise Monroe County totals yet — provisional ballots are yet to be counted — the results are clear: all of our candidates will continue to serve our community with distinction inside and outside of government. For those who are new or returning to elected office, we can be proud that they are representing us and our community. For those who did not make it through on Election night, they have our greatest respect for their service and for giving this campaign everything they had.

A special note to our volunteers... I know all of our officers are grateful for your service and commitment to improving our community. It was a strong campaign executed in a very imperfect year filled with ballot changes, personal tragedies and without the strong Presidential presence we had in 2008. But you worked hard, worked creatively and worked intelligently to get us across the finish line on Election Day. Thank you all!

It was truly an honor to work with all of our community's Democrats and to get to know you better throughout this campaign. I regret that we were only able to do so much as a County against the GOP in the statehouse. It will be a challenging time for Indiana with the Tea Party driving Hoosier politics. Notwithstanding this setback, the quality of our campaigns and candidates helped us hold our ground in Monroe County. It was my primary goal this election cycle to demonstrate clearly and without a doubt that we have a durable Democratic majority in Monroe County government. And I think the results reflect this. That is not to say that we will or can win all races but like Bloomington, the burden of governing Monroe County falls largely upon Democrats. That is a responsibility we have sought and one we must honor.

All of you have much for which you can be proud. Despite Indiana not being contested at the presidential level, the quality of our local campaigns and candidates helped us hold our ground in Monroe County and to elect many great Democrats to represent us. Always remember that you were a critical part in keeping Monroe County blue in 2012! I count this campaign year as one of my most personally challenging and rewarding experiences: it has been my honor to serve as your Democratic Party Chairperson and to work alongside so many great people for a common goal in this critical election year.

All the best,