Dispatch 6/17/18--Father's Day Call to Action

To everyone, we wish you a happy Father's Day! As you celebrate family, we are also asking you to do one more thingcall your representatives. You have heard of the amoral and atrocious practice at our borders of splitting children from their families, which is being done in our name. As Senator Donnelly has already stated, this is against our values as a country. There is also no basis for this practice in the law. Already, there is legislation in the Senate to Keep Families Together, but it needs support.

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Dispatch 6/7/18--Become a Party Leader

Are you a leader within the party? Do you want to be? If so, please apply for the Indiana Democratic Party's Emerging Leaders Project! 

The Emerging Leaders Project is a leadership program for up-and-coming Hoosier Democrats interested in running for office, working on campaigns or in public service. Each year, 40 Hoosier Democrats, between ages 21 and 40 years old, are selected to join the program. Participants will engage in four training sessions, are paired with a mentor in their community and are invited to various Democratic Party events throughout the year. The deadline to apply is June 15th. For more information, visit www.emergingleadersproject.org.

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Dispatch 5/31/18--Hoosier Women Forward

Whether locally or nationally, record numbers of talented, qualified women are signing up as candidates. But as we have been reminded, there is still so much ground to cover. That is why the Indiana Democratic Party has launched Hoosier Women Forward. Hoosier Women Forward is a new political and civic leadership program designed to prepare Democratic women to assume a position of leadership in public service, is now accepting applications for their inaugural class. The deadline to apply is July 3rd. There is nothing more important than having your voice heard and using your talent for the betterment of your community and country. We hope you consider applying to this program: http://hoosierwomenforward.org/appl

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Dispatch 5/25/18--Memorials

There are not adequate words to describe days like these. Our hearts are broken for the children in Noblesville who were exposed to gun violence in their middle school. This is the third Friday in a row we have begun our day with a horrific school shooting: on May 11th, a shooting occurred at Highland High School in Palmdale, California; on May 18th, 10 were killed at Sante Fe High School in Texas; and today it happened at Noblesville Middle School. The question for all of us:  How many more?

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Dispatch 5/18/18--Special Sessions & Special Interests

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It’s been a banner week for government in Indiana. To begin, the Indiana General Assembly completed its one-day special session. The GOP supermajority forwarded the bill straight to taxpayers to the tune of $30,000. What did they accomplish? Tax cuts for select, major corporations and silencing the voices of school boards in Muncie and Gary. Oh, and they “broadened the tax base” by following lockstep with the tax cut bill and placing the burden on millions of hoosiers.

With the typical lack of shame or compassion, they are doubling down on supporting the wealthiest. Vice President Pence, just removed from being noted for his “slobbering servility” toward the President, will be in Indianapolis to tout the federal tax bill today before America First Policies--the same group that has bragged about dropping $500,000 to support known torture-advocate Gina Haspel. What will he do immediately after? Attend a private fundraiser, featuring Mike Braun, with his rich, out-of-touch pals. That's how you get to be called the worst person in government.

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Dispatch 5/11/18--Happy Mother's Day!

Liz_Watson_Primary.jpgThe primary election is over, and now we are looking ahead to the general on November 6th! Congratulations to all of the victors, and a sincere “thank you” to every single candidate. Running for elected office is a tremendous undertaking that requires resilience and a passion for public service, and we are so fortunate here in Monroe County that we have so many citizens who are up to the task. Our commonalities greatly outnumber our differences, and we as Democrats must focus on those common goals and work together to improve lives. Let’s take a few days to regroup (and pick up candidate signs from HQ), and then get to work to elect Democrats in the fall! Stay posted for ways to get involved--the Harrodsburg parade is this weekend, and MCDP will be at events all summer and fall!

Democratically yours,

Kaisa Goodman
Executive Director, MCDP

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Dispatch 5/3/18--Volunteer and Vote

Primary Election Day is nearly here, and we are doing everything we can to make sure everyone who wants to can vote. You can do your part by helping out at the polls on election day. The Monroe County Democratic Party is still looking to recruit a few good individuals to work the polls on Election Day on May 8th. If you are willing to work the polls, please contact Rod Yandt at [email protected].

Also, please visit MonroeDems.org/our_candidates for your "one stop shop" to learn about your primary candidates! And don't forget: if you or someone you know needs a ride to the polls, let us know!

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Dispatch 4/27/18-Chipping Away

As the Indiana GOP Senate candidates continue their nasty attacks about who better resembles a Twitter troll in a red MAGA hat, Democrats have been out and working to show voters that we genuinely care about them.

This is true even in one of the most conservative districts in the country, Arizona's 8th Congressional District, where Democrat Dr. Hiral Tipirneni closed what had been a 21 point spread in 2016 for President Trump to just 5 points. But we can't become complacent. That is why we need everyone supporting our strong cast of Democratic candidates here in Indiana and in the 9th District. Let's have a great primary and then do our part to join a blue wave in 2018.

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Dispatch 4/19/18--Rides to the Polls

In an effort to ensure that every person who wants to can vote, the MCDP is offering rides to the polls both for early voting and Primary Day on May 8th. If you want a ride, know someone who could benefit, or are interested in serving others, please contact our Executive Director Kaisa Goodman at 812.272.3439 or [email protected].


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