Swain for Sherriff Announcement

On January 22nd, Detective Brad Swain, a 28-year career professional, filed his candidacy for Monroe County Sheriff in the Democrat primary.

Detective Swain stated, “My career with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, including supervisory positions within the corrections and patrol divisions, gives me the experience to manage the office professionally and efficiently. I served with five sheriffs, gaining insights into management practices from each of them. I have a Law Enforcement degree and am a graduate of the FBI National Academy, the premier program teaching law enforcement management. I have both the education and experience to serve as your sheriff.” 

Swain’s primary objective is to ensure maximum numbers of road deputies are on patrol, and to utilize only those administrative positions necessary, as these remove deputies from making service calls. Delays for basic police services result unless deputies are on the street. Swain said, “I will streamline upper management in my administration to guarantee that citizens served by the Sheriff's Office will not have delays in service due to a top-heavy administrative structure.”

Swain further stated, “I will ensure patrol deputies receive the training they need to perform their duties. As a marathon runner and a Police/Fire Games athlete, I know that maintaining fitness is a personal choice, and that incentives work best to encourage physical fitness in deputies.” Swain will include the level of a deputy's fitness as part of evaluation for promotions and special assignments by incorporating the County Wellness program, as well as individual recognition of efforts, to help promote a positive mindset among the deputies.

Jail management and new challenges are priorities for any Sheriff. Swain said, “Alternative sentencing options will be necessary to maintain a legal inmate population. Working with the Courts, Probation, and Social Services, we will ensure we meet the letter of the law. My involvement with many multidisciplinary teams, such as the Domestic Violence Task Force, Child Protection Team, Child Fatality Review Team, and Sexual Assault Protocol Team, demonstrates that the best solutions come from employing the insight and skills of other professionals.

“From years of experience as a supervisor in the Correctional Center, I also recognize the need to provide programs within the Center for the medical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of those who are incarcerated. To ensure these continue, I will establish an open and positive relationship with the County Council, also crucial to ensure adequate staffing. Known as a fiscal conservative, I will work to maintain present grants and seek new funds through other grants to provide the best services possible.”

Swain knows that the excessive turnover rate of corrections staff cannot be ignored. The cost to hire and train new employees is high while tax revenues are tight. The skills developed by an experienced correctional officer are invaluable. Swain noted, “I don’t believe turnover is due to ‘the nature of the job;’ during my tenure in the Corrections Center, turnover was extremely low. I believe I am the only candidate who can positively impact this issue because I am the only candidate with experience in that setting.”  

Finally, Swain said, “I grew up in Monroe County and served the citizens with a high degree of success and dedication during my career. I also served in many volunteer capacities, including with my volunteer fire department, with Big Brother/Big Sister, and with the Fraternal Order of Police. I will continue with the same energy and enthusiasm as your next Sheriff. Please visit my website at www.bradswainforsheriff.com for further information.”


(For questions, call 812.340.9638 or email [email protected].)