Chris Sturbaum seeking re-election for City Council D1

It has been an honor to serve the west side for the past eleven years.

I am still learning how this city works and there is much work to do:

Everyday issues in our neighborhoods always need attention.

The hospital site will need our attention and our energy regardless of what happens.

Seventeenth Street needs sidewalks and side paths all the way to the stadium.


Citywide we must continue to seriously pursue Platinum Bike Status.

Development and growth must make us better not just bigger.

The square needs historic protection. 

The Tech Park needs to develop and thrive.

The Switchyard Park should be built as soon as possible.

We need a to find responsible way to address homelessness. 


If my neighbors in District One want an experienced person who knows west side

issues and works to solve them, I would be proud to continue as your

voice at City Hall.