Steve Sharp Announces Bid for Monroe County Sheriff


My name is Steve Sharp and I am running for Sheriff of Monroe County. I am asking you for your vote and support in the coming election. As you may know, I previously served successfully as your Sheriff from 1999 through 2006 and made great progress in turning the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department around from an inefficient and almost ineffective entity into a professional police agency.  The work was difficult, the hours were long, and the opposition was intense at times, but I did it.


Since 1968, when I was a Special Agent for Military Intelligence, my entire life has been devoted to public service.  After graduating from the US Army Infantry Officer Candidate School, I served as a Lieutenant Combat Platoon leader in Vietnam and was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, Bronze Stars for Meritorious Service and Valor, the Purple Heart and the Air Medals.  I completed my Army service in 1975 as a Captain in command of a Special Forces “A-Team.”   

I continued to serve when I began my service as a patrol officer on the Bloomington Police Department in 1976 and in 1987 Mayor Tomi Allison appointed me Chief of Police, and served as Chief through 1995. 

With your help, I will continue the work I began as Sheriff in 1999 and to maintain the professionalism and high ethical standards in the Sheriff’s Department that Sheriff James Kennedy has done since I left office.  While the past 16 years of work by me, followed by Sheriff Kennedy, have brought dramatic, and sometimes drastic improvements to the Department, the hard work of maintaining those improvements and continuing to upgrade the quality of the Department does not allow for complacency or inattention.  The Sheriff’s responsibilities include executing Orders of the Monroe Court system, providing law enforcement to rural areas of Monroe County and operating the Monroe County Correctional Center.  The dynamic challenges required to perform the job well require a person with experience, intelligence and leadership skills to operate the Department efficiently, effectively, with the limited resources that are available.   I believe I am the best-qualified candidate to do so. 

Again, I am asking for not only your vote, but also your support in this effort. I can assure you that every bit of mind and spirit that I possess will be devoted to helping to insure you that you will have the best Sheriff’s Department possible, to protect you, your loved ones, and to carry out the duties of Sheriff with honor and distinction.