Statement by the Monroe County Democratic Party Board

Originally posted to the MCDP Facebook page on Saturday, April 6th:

"The Monroe County Democratic Party, in light of recent allegations, calls on Commissioner Amanda Barge to take immediate steps to: 

  • Publicly clarify that she will not accept the nomination for Bloomington Mayor should she receive the majority of votes in the primary
  • Resign immediately as Monroe County Commissioner. 


Our Democratic Party values include holding elected officials accountable and to ensure that they are transparent and have the trust of our community. Commissioner Amanda Barge's alleged actions are incompatible with public office and with the Indiana Democratic Party's platform. 

Our priority is to ensure our candidates are successful; city and county, voters and candidates need our support. Now we must walk, call, move, and motivate to have a successful election. Our focus is on working for our candidates, now and on election day. 

As we have done in the past, the Monroe County Democratic Party will continue to speak up for the voiceless and defend the marginalized and vulnerable in our community by holding those in power accountable."