State Senate District 40 Candidate: Mark Stoops


State Senate District 40 Candidate

Mark Stoops


I want to thank the voters of Bloomington, Monroe County, and Indiana University for electing me as your State Senator for District 40 in 2012. Because of the great range of important subjects dealt with in the legislature, I have had a broad focus in my first term, from environmental protection to civil and workers' rights, from expanding access to quality healthcare to protecting public education, its teachers and students. 

Even as a progressive Democrat in a supermajority of conservative Republicans, I have been able to pass important legislation benefiting the whole state. My experience, gained from 8 years on the County Council and 4 years as a County Commissioner, as well as having been a member of most boards and commissions at the county level, has helped to put me in the forefront on many legislative initiatives. Here is a list of bills I worked on in 2016 alone:

It is also vital that the State Senator representing Bloomington stand up and fight for the rights of all Indiana citizens when those rights are threatened by our legislature, and I hope that you have found I have been a consistent, effective voice on your behalf.


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