State House District 46 Candidate: Bill Breeden


State House District 46 

Bill Breeden


After forty years of political activism from outside the system, I have decided to join the fight on the inside.  I believe that super majorities are anti-democratic, and that we must find a way to bring balance to the Indiana State Legislature.  The Republican members of the House of Representatives have wasted several legislative sessions on issues that divide people.  Issues such as RFRA, which was a solution looking for a problem, and cost our state millions of dollars.  We do not need Ayatollahs or moral police in Indiana.  We do not need politicians to tell who we can love, and we do not need special privileges for a few businesses to discriminate against anyone.  Our elected representatives should be responsible for our public education, our infrastructure and our public safety, and it is time for the House and Senate to return to these issues that effect all Hoosiers.  It is imperative that Democrats and Independents across the state of Indiana support candidates who will act on behalf of all.  I hope you will support my candidacy for Representative in District #46.  Please visit my website at

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