Spechler announces re-election run

             Martin C. (“Marty”) Spechler will run for re-election as representative of District 3 to the Bloomington City Council for 2016-19.  He has represented the area on the Democratic Central Committee for more than twenty years and has campaigned for many Democratic candidates during that time. 

            Since 2012 Spechler has served on the Sidewalk and Jack Hopkins Social Service committees.  His achievements include a new sidewalk to be built on Sheffield Drive (as well as several elsewhere in the City), plus renovation of Park Ridge and Park Ridge East parks (including repaving tennis courts).  As a liberal on social issues, he voted for nearly $300,000 for support of homeless, addiction recovery facilities, and other programs to further social justice.  Spechler also joined colleagues in backing resolutions for marriage equality and limits on corporation funding in elections.  A fiscal conservative, Spechler voted against several unnecessary tax subsidies for student housing and office buildings (EZIDs), thus saving existing taxpayers money, and insisted on a balanced budget with adequate provision for emergencies and pension funding.

            Councilman Spechler supports partial relief from parking meter charges for local restaurants, retailers, and churches.   As a moderate Democrat, he always looks for compromises on controversial issues.

            Spechler is the only IU full professor for many years to serve on the Council.  Having  served seven elected terms on the University Faculty Council, he is familiar with IU administrators and policies.   Dr. Spechler holds a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard and is past president of the Bloomington Jewish Community.  He has been married for 50 years and has two adult children and four young grandchildren.

            Experience shows that the most important qualification for this office is adequate time during the week to attend many meetings and to visit agencies supported by taxpayer funds.  So that he has this time and can promptly respond to constituents’ many inquiries and requests, Prof. Spechler has limited his IUB teaching to no more than one course a semester.  With meetings often stretching into the early morning hour these days, City Council is not a half-time job.


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