Sierra Reed Candidate Statement

To our Precinct Chairs,

It is an honor to introduce myself to you all, and I am humbled to be considered as a candidate for the seat previously held by such a committed public servant as Tim Mayer.

I am a native of Bloomington, born in our very own Bloomington Hospital. I currently serve the city on the commission for Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety, and I also serve the Monroe County Democratic Party as a Precinct Vice-Chair. I am a member of the Democratic Women's Caucus, and within my first year at IU, I established the Women in Government club.

I decided to declare my candidacy for the seat because the outcome of the last election demands each of each to participate, as voting isn’t enough anymore. Every citizen needs to serve the community, and the community should expect every member to contribute to the well being of Bloomington. In particular, young voices need to step up and begin taking responsibility for making change.

The most pressing issues I am championing include progressive alternatives for affordable housing, regenerative solutions to environmental problems, stricter regulation on big businesses and economic growth to adhere to the character of Bloomington, and the inclusion of young voices in our local government. I have little experience compared to the other candidates, however I am committed to the health of our Bloomington community and already have a history of participation in our local government. I would be an asset to the Council through the representation of young voices and a new perspective focused on change and progress.

The Precinct Chairs have a challenging choice ahead of them. Whatever the outcome, I invite you to reach out to me if you have any questions, or would simply like to get to know me better. You are welcome to contact me at

Sincerely Yours,

Sierra T. Reed

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