Eric Schmitz to Seek Monroe County Recorder's Office

Eric Schmitz has announced his candidacy for the office of Monroe County
Recorder in 2014. Schmitz is a 21-year resident of Monroe County, and
currently serves as a board member for Benton Township, a position he
has held since 2008. He has also served on the county's Alcoholic
Beverage Commission since 2007, as well as the advisory committee for
re-districting in late 2011.

Schmitz graduated in 1988 with a degree in engineering from the
University of Kansas in Lawrence. "Bloomington is so much like
Lawrence," he says. "It was remarkably easy for me to make Bloomington
my home!" He went on to complete a master's degree in library science
from Indiana University in 2003, which he feels makes him uniquely
suited for the duties of Recorder. "What is the Recorder's office if not
a big library of public records?" he asks. "I cannot think of a more
appropriate way for me to serve in county government."

Plans for Schmitz's first term include the continuation of high-tech
modernization begun by former Recorder, Sam Allison, and his chief
deputy, Mike Szakaly. He would also like to move toward expanding the
accessibility of records, including remote web-based access, with
appropriate controls to prevent abuse. On a personal level, Schmitz
looks forward to being a hands-on public servant. "I enjoy working in
that office as part of my job, and I am very much into the process. When
you come into the Recorder's office, I want you to see me there!"

Currently employed as the Manager of Information Systems for Smith
Neubecker & Associates in Bloomington, Schmitz has several years of
experience with deed research, recording of surveys and plats, and many
other tasks that involve interfacing with the Recorder and most other
county offices. He is a property owner, offering several units of
affordable housing to Bloomington residents. He is a two-time graduate
of the Monroe County Citizens' Academy, in 2010 and 2013.

Schmitz lives just outside Bloomington with his wife and best-selling
cookbook author, Dana Carpender, three dogs, a cat, and a yard full of