Sandberg announces re-election campaign

Susan Sandberg to file for Bloomington City Council, At-Large, announcing re-election campaign

Susan Sandberg will seek a third term on the Bloomington City Council. She has served as a councilmember at-large since 2007 with a history of strong leadership roles on Council committees and within the Bloomington community. She currently serves as Council Parliamentarian, is the chair of the Community Development Block Grants Social Services committee and will again chair the Jack Hopkins Social Services Fund committee in 2015.  Sandberg is vice chair of the Monroe County Democratic Party.

If re-elected Sandberg will pursue several priorities including using policy initiatives and community partnerships to increase affordable housing stock and reduce the number of residents paying over 30% of their earned income for housing.  Sandberg hopes to advance legislation to enhance housing developments and social programs for aging-in-place and elder wellness, thereby positioning Bloomington as a desirable retirement destination.  She will continue to help local nonprofits reduce and alleviate poverty through public funding and community partnerships.  She will work to maintainBloomington's status as a respected arts destination, strengthening the economy through quality performing and visual arts as well as incorporating the arts into streetscapes and new building design.  Sandberg will facilitate diverse, community-wide participation in civic affairs by including the broader public in planning discussions and through appointments to boards and commissions. 

Sandberg has led the research and community outreach for several council resolutions including support for marriage equality and the expansion of Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act.  Sandberg's social services background is the foundation for her Council priorities.  “I’m confident in my active listening skills," she says, "and in my ability to study complex issues, set long-term goals, and make the tough, independent decisions required to meet these goals.” 

Before her election to the City Council, Sandberg served on the Bloomington Utilities Service Board.  She also served as president of the board for the South Central Community Action Program, was an advisory member for Centerstone and their Project Care and Project Hope, and was a long-time volunteer with the Addicts in Recovery Program for New Leaf/New Life.  Sandberg is a founding member of the Democratic Women’s Caucus and a lifelong advocate of equality.  Since 2004, Susan Sandberg has worked for Indiana University at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs where she is currently an advisor in the Career Development Office.

When asked why she sought a third term, Sandberg said, “I’m proud of my contributions as a member of the Bloomington City Council, but there is more work to do.  With each year of public service comes more opportunity to build partnerships, solve community problems and plan for the long term.”


For more information, please contact:

Susan Sandberg

812-320-8552, [email protected]