The 2022 Roosevelt Reception




The Monroe County Democratic Party cordially invites you to attend the

2022 Roosevelt Reception, to be held Thursday April 7, 2022 at Monroe

County Convention Center, beginning at 6:00 PM with remarks around

7PM. We hope you will consider along with your ticket purchase a

sponsorship of this re-imagined event.


This will be the first time since 2019 that the MCDP has gathered for this

spring event. This year, we have rebranded this gathering to include

alongside FDR the contributions of Eleanor Roosevelt to human rights,

and her local connection. In 1950, the former First Lady visited

Bloomington to speak at IU and on local radio, in her capacity with the

United Nations on human rights and on the topic of the emergent Soviet



We anticipate approximately 175 local donors, activists, party loyal, and

students from IU to attend and to sell out quickly! As attendees and

sponsors, we hope we can count on your support as we come back

together in person and get back to the work. Your sponsorship ensures

our party will be on the best footing to help coordinate resources, training,

marketing, and a physical headquarters for our coordinated campaign

heading into the fall. With sponsorship, individual sponsors will be

highlighted on the stage display through the duration of the program.

For 2022, attendees will have an opportunity to compete for door prizes.

Attendees will be issued a “dance card” for “speed dating.” By seeking out

candidates to punch their prize card, attendees will be eligible for the door