MCDP Reorganization Candidate Filings

Democratic friends,

As you know, our party reorganization is rapidly approaching. On Saturday March 2 at 12noon at Bloomington City Hall we will undertake the business of our quadrennial reorganization.  It is a time of reflection on the four years that have passed and one of looking forward to the next four years of Democratic leadership in our community.  

For quite some time I and my fellow officers, as well as many other Democrats have worked to cultivate new leaders and chart a smooth party leadership transition to ensure that the strength of our local party organization and that our support for our Democratic values, voters, candidates and elected officials remain strong.

I am pleased to announce these excellent candidates have filed for our critical party leadership positions:
  • Trent Deckard has filed for MCDP Chairperson
  • Susan Sandberg has filed for MCDP Vice-chairperson
  • Efrat Feferman has filed to continue her service as MCDP Secretary 
  • Anthony Smith has filed for MCDP Treasurer
And it is with the knowledge that there will be such a strong team in place that I humbly and sincerely announce that I will not be running for re-election as your chairperson.  Likewise Vice-chair Kyla Cox and Treasurer Hans Huffman have decided not to run.  I will have a more lengthy statement sharing my thoughts on serving as MCDP chair after the filing deadline.  But for now, I am very pleased with the caliber of these officer candidates, as I hope you will be as well.  This sets the stage for the continuing strength of our party, our community and for progressive ideals in Monroe County.

In subsequent notes we will send out candidates statements from all those who have filed by the Wednesday deadline.

Thanks for your continuing service and support. 

All the best,