Regina Moore, City Clerk, announces retirement

On January 1, 2016 Bloomington will have a new City Clerk.  Regina Moore, the four-term clerk, says she will not run for another term. 

“All good things must come to end, and serving the public in this office has been a really good thing,” said Ms. Moore.  “I have thoroughly enjoyed my years as City Clerk, working with some terrific people in the best small city in America,” said Ms. Moore.   “I can’t adequately express my great gratitude to the citizens of Bloomington for giving me this opportunity through four elections; to my predecessor Pat Williams who recruited me to the task; to mayors Fernandez and Kruzan, and their staffs, for their support and kind assistance over the years; to all present and past city council persons, and their staff, for their support; and most of all to those who shared with me the joys and burdens of Suite 110 of City Hall. “

Ms. Moore does not intend to remove herself completely from local politics.  “I will stay active in trying to help more women gain positions in local government,” said Ms. Moore, the former chairperson of the Democratic Women’s Caucus and past vice-chair of the Monroe County Democratic Party, “Maybe even spending more time than I do now on that project, but also with long winter breaks in warmer climates, especially traveling in the lands of my grandparents, Southern Italy and Sicily.  And I suspect my husband will want us to find some winter solace also on the beaches of Costa Rica or some such sun-drenched fantasy of his aging mind.”


The Monroe County Democratic Party wishes to thank and salute our determined and delightful Bloomington City Clerk, Regina Moore as she makes a decision to not seek re-election in 2015. Few words can describe the impact that she has made on the lives of those that know her... late night consultations, pep talks, and warm wisdom in tough times are just a small part of a career that has mentored women and men from all walks of life. She has been our compass and compassion. Thank you for the leadership, Reg. -Your grateful MCDP brothers and sisters