Prosecutor Chris Gaal Announces Re-Election Campaign

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Chris Gaal announced that he will seek re-election as Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney.  “It has been a genuine honor to serve as your elected prosecutor in Monroe  County,” said Gaal.  “I have worked hard to professionalize the prosecutor’s office, hold violent criminals accountable, and effectively pursue justice in a fair and even-handed manner.”

As prosecutor, Gaal has been actively engaged with both law enforcement and community organizations to develop important crime prevention and education initiatives and new resources that improve public safety.  These include creating a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), promoting a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program, and opening Susie’s Place – a child advocacy center that serves our community.  Gaal also initiated the award-winning Pharmaceutical Safe Disposal Program, promoted school dropout prevention initiatives, and developed the “Get a Ride!” drunk driving prevention campaign. 

Gaal’s highest priorities have been to improve the community response to crimes of violence, including domestic violence, and to deter crimes against children and the elderly.  He also served as Chair of the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council (IPAC) Board of Directors while the state legislature comprehensively updated Indiana’s criminal law for the first time in over 30 years.  Gaal received an award for outstanding leadership from IPAC for that role.

“Although I have been able to accomplish much as prosecutor, there is still more that remains to be done.  Working closely with partners in the community, as well as state and local government, I continue to pursue new ideas to improve public safety. That is why I am running for re-election in 2014,” Gaal says in a video announcing his campaign at  “I ask for your support to allow me to continue serving as the elected prosecutor in our community.”

More information about Gaal’s campaign and accomplishments is available on the website.  Richard McKaig will serve as Campaign Chair and Charlotte Zietlow Treasurer.  Other members of Gaal’s Campaign Committee, and opportunities to support the campaign are also listed. 




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Richard  McKaig   Campaign Chairman

Charlotte Zietlow     Treasurer

Mavis Anderson  

Jamie Andree  

Lucretia Cregar  

Mavis Anderson  

Jamie Andree

Rick Dietz  

Dr. Beth Florini  

Pete Giordano  

Betsy Greene  

Beth Hamlin  

Amy Jackson  

Dawn Johnsen  

Jill Jolliff  

James Kennedy  

Mark Kruzan  

Carol McCord  

Geoff McKim

Regina Moore

Merridee LaMantia  

Tim & Sue Mayer

Dee Owens  

Mary Anne Pelic  

Matt Pierce

Andy Ruff  

Georgia Schaich  

Vi Simpson  

Dr. Robert Stone  

Chris Sturbaum  

Jaime Sweany  

Vi Taliaferro  

Gracia Valliant  

Marcia Veldman  

Jo Vernon  

Betsy Walsh  

Sue Wanzer  

Lara Weaver  

Pat Williams and Tom Coleman  

Jackie Yenna