Piedmont-Smith Announces Run for City Council

Isabel Piedmont-Smith has announced her candidacy for Bloomington City Council, District 5. Her platform is focused on poverty issues, sustainability, and inclusive governance. Piedmont-Smith, who held the District 5 position for one term (2008-2011), enters the race after incumbent Darryl Neher announced he will run for mayor.

No stranger to city government, Piedmont-Smith served on the Bloomington Environmental Commission for four years prior to her term on the City Council. In her four years on the Council, Piedmont-Smith co-authored a green building ordinance to make city facilities more energy efficient, advocated for pedestrian and bicycle-friendly urban development as a member of the Plan Commission, and held open monthly meetings with constituents.

For the 2015 campaign, Piedmont-Smith will focus on collaborating with social service agencies, faith groups, mental health experts, and housing providers to tackle poverty and homelessness. If she is elected, the effects of city actions on low-income members of the community will shape her decisions, and she looks forward to working on city initiatives already in progress, such as the Action Research Group on Affordability: Rentals and Homes.

A second campaign goal is one that Piedmont-Smith has worked on for over ten years, namely sustainability as a guiding principle in city decisions. This includes focusing development on infill and brownfield areas rather than on the edges of the city; prioritizing biking, walking, and public transit in our transportation infrastructure; and maintaining prudent control of city spending so as not to leave future generations with public debt.

Through frequent communication with constituents, including monthly open meetings on pending city legislation, former Councilmember Piedmont-Smith maintained a close link with those who elected her in 2007. She intends to do the same during the coming election and beyond, if elected for a second term. “Transparency in government and the involvement of residents are key to local democracy,” says Piedmont-Smith. She looks forward to continuing the conversation with her prospective constituents while campaigning this year.