Our Ninth District Congressional Candidates: Shelli Yoder

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Ninth District Congressional Candidate

Shelli Yoder


I’m a native Hoosier, a working mom and wife, and a proud resident of Monroe County. I plan to take collaborative, commonsense leadership to Washington to make a difference in the lives of Hoosier families. 
I'm a candidate who will always put common sense over ideology. I believe good government and a strong private sector can work together without leaving hard-working Hoosier families behind. I have a proven record as a public servant of working with anyone who is willing to help solve tough problems.

I truly understand, as the mom of three young children, that you can't fix anything with arguments or finger-pointing. It's past time to put petty politics aside and move ALL communities in the 9th District forward.

These communities are strong because the people in them are committed to help each other and to do what is right. There's an understanding that we might not always agree, but we will never give up on each other. I believe this with all my heart. 

As a current Monroe County Council member, I focus on making government efficient, responsive, and transparent. I make it a priority to listen to constituents and to lead with them in mind. I consistently support a balanced budget while also supporting workforce development, protecting infrastructure, and improving vital services, all of which lead to more and better jobs. 
In addition to serving on the Council, I currently teach an award-winning business course to all undergraduates enrolled at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. It is my goal to help create leaders of the future, young entrepreneurs that will work in our communities to help them again to be strong, vibrant, and nurturing to all. I believe this goal is achievable and worthy. 

It is imperative that we make central and southern Indiana a place that rewards citizens who work hard and do what is right. We must rebuild communities where our youth can find good-paying jobs and strong schools, where entrepreneurs can thrive, and where everyone feels safe and welcome. This is my vision of our shared future - I hope you will join me in it!

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