On Tax Day, Hoosier taxpayers aren’t getting their money’s worth with Holllingsworth

Indiana Ninth Congressional District Democratic Party
Contact: Adam Dickey, Chair and Mark Fraley, Deputy Chair
(812) 786-5895 or (206) 388-8375


BLOOMINGTON, IN – Indiana Ninth Congressional District Democratic Party Chairman Adam Dickey issued the following statement assessing first-term Congressman Trey Hollingsworth’s performance.

 “Hoosier taxpayers in Trey Hollingsworth’s district are getting short-changed. In his first 100 days, Congressman Trey Hollingsworth has charted a divisive course, taking positions that leave working Hoosier families behind. Hollingsworth wants to end the Affordable Care Act as we know it, leaving the 400,000 Hoosiers covered by HIP 2.0 – many receiving critical care for the first time – with nowhere to turn. Hollingsworth is ducking public meetings with his constituents, if he were actually doing the job Hoosier taxpayers pay him for, we’d have questions for him. Questions like, why does he support President Trump’s budget, a budget that eliminates a program that helps make college more affordable for low-income Hoosiers? Why does Hollingsworth support Betsy DeVos’ plan to roll back protections for college grads and make it more difficult to manage and eliminate student loan debt? Questions like why does Hollingsworth support the portion of Trump’s budget that halts funding for rural clean water initiatives and rural business services? Questions like, why does Hollingsworth support hollowing out the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and making it easier for corporations to rip Hoosiers off? These are critical programs that Hoosier taxpayers in Trey’s district rely on every day. Hollingsworth is out of touch and hiding from Hoosier taxpayers. Ultimately, he’s accountable to the folks that pay his salary. If we can’t even count on him to hold public meetings, how can we trust the decisions he makes in Washington are in Hoosier taxpayers’ best interests and not his?”