Darryl Neher files for Mayor of Bloomington

Bloomington City Council Representative Darryl Neher enters Mayor’s race, pledges continued progressive governance

Darryl Neher addressed more than 350 supporters at Bloomington’s renowned Buskirk Chumley Theatre on Thursday afternoon calling for a continued commitment to “40+ years of strong, Democratic, progressive leadership” for one of Indiana’s premiere communities.  Neher has been a faculty and staff member at the Kelley School of Business since 1996 and also has served as a radio host covering public affairs for WGCL and WFHB. 

“I’ve been here every day, engaged in the issues that impact our community – learning about Bloomington through my roles as a parent, employee, volunteer, and City Council member” stated Neher.  “I know Bloomington. These experiences have prepared me to be the Democratic nominee, and our next Mayor.” 

In his tenure on Bloomington’s city council, Neher has garnered significant attention for his dedication to research of the issues, objectivity, and compassion for diversity of opinion. 

Current Mayor Mark Kruzan, who is not running for another term, praised Neher and offered his endorsement. “When Darryl Neher looks at Bloomington, he doesn’t see a city; he sees a community.  He’ll bring people together to keep Bloomington a special place using new ideas and new energy,” Kruzan said. 

State Representative Matt Pierce (D-Bloomington) also offered his endorsement, saying: “Our community’s long-standing Democratic tradition is based on candidates and officeholders who are issue-oriented, progressive, inclusive, and collaborative.  It’s what makes our party and our city so strong, and it’s what Darryl Neher has stood for as a City Council member and will stand for as mayor.” 

In addition to Kruzan and Pierce, Neher was joined on stage by Monroe County Councilmember Shelli Yoder, Perry Township Trustee Dan Combs, retired MCCSC Principal Betsy Walsh, and Kiwanis Club Executive Vanessa McClary.  Together they make up his campaign committee. 

Neher’s campaign theme is “One Bloomington: We are better when we work together.”   Specifically his stated agenda includes:  Developing an economy that works for everyone, ensuring local government gets the basics right with strong fiscal oversight, and creating a proactive culture of collaboration, engagement, and transparency of local government.  


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