Monroe Democrats Decry Congressman Young’s Vote to Slash Health Funds

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September 20, 2013                                                              



Monroe Democrats Decry Congressman Young’s Vote to Slash Health Funds

Deckard: Young broke promise to work across party lines


Bloomington, IN – Local Democratic Party condemns Congressman Todd Young’s vote to strip funds from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, summing it up as “Just another attempt to score political points off the backs of the nation’s most vulnerable citizens,” Trent Deckard, party chair said today.


The Affordable Care Act will allow Indiana University students the opportunity to keep healthcare insurance by staying on their family plan.  It also sets up insurance exchanges to reduce rates while finally prohibiting insurance companies from denying coverage to consumers based on pre-existing conditions.  House Republicans, joined by Young, voted to defund the health care bill while simultaneously setting the stage for another GOP attempt to shut down federal government.


“This vote is a devastating blow to people with chronic illnesses who are unable to obtain health care on their own” said Mark Fraley, deputy chair of the local party.  “Worse, it threatens the livelihoods of students, working families, and members of our armed services who show up to defend our country but will ultimately be punished by Republican negligence to fund the budget”.


Susan Sandberg, party vice chair and member of the Bloomington City Council added: “As someone with the ear on the local social services activities, the poverty rates in this city alone would give anyone pause about taking people already on the edges further down the hole by cutting essential support services.  The victims are women, children, families, neighbors we know!”


This vote comes less than two months after Congressman Young openly pledged in The Herald Times to work with “legislators from both parties…to craft policy to make the government work”. In the same piece, Young condemned those who misread their mandate to govern “by pushing partisan agendas that seek to score political points instead of policy victories”.


“Congressman Young had the opportunity to keep his word by joining a bipartisan push to avoid a government shutdown”, said Deckard. “Instead, he fled to the extreme fringes of his own party with a political gimmick that will put Hoosier families in jeopardy.  Young broke his promise and is turning his back on his district”.