Monroe County District 3 Commissioner Candidate: Rick Dietz

Monroe County

District 3 Commissioner Candidate

Rick Dietz


Democratic friends, I’m pleased to announce my candidacy for Monroe County Commissioner District 3. Having served as a Monroe County Council Member and as Monroe County Democratic Party Chairperson I bring a demonstrated and compelling record of elected leadership and Democratic party service to the race for Monroe County Commissioner District 3.  I served on the Monroe County Council from 2011 to 2015 with two years as Vice President.  And I also served as Monroe County’s Democratic Party Chairperson from 2009-2013, as well as Vice-chair and Secretary the prior four years.

While serving on the County Council, I had the opportunity to work directly with Commissioner Kiesling. Iris has been a tireless public official and she is leaving a towering legacy of service in her wake -- one that I’m sure will continue to build even after the end of her current term. As Commissioner I will work hard to continue her example of thoughtful leadership, attention to the needs of County staff, listening and engagement.

Building on my four years of service on the Monroe County Council, I pledge to bring progressive values, County budget experience, my public administration background, and a compassionate approach to the office of Commissioner.

While previously serving on the Monroe County Council...

-I worked to bring the County’s budget into balance, while protecting progressive priorities and   caring for the needs of hardworking County staff.

-I introduced and passed increased funding for the County’s social services grants fund and authored the resolution to rename it after former Monroe County Councilor and friend Sophia Travis.

-I also served as Vice President for two terms, established Monroe County’s Conservation Non-reverting Fund, and authored the County Council’s resolution opposing the Pence administration’s disastrous RFRA legislation, among other accomplishments.

Monroe County needs tested leadership with a forward-looking and progressive vision for our community’s future.  We need leadership that embodies compassion and concern for those that need help the most and those that work for all of us in County government. We need leadership to build a more resilient community, to protect our quality of life and to mitigate the damage from I-69. We need leadership that draws upon the best ideas from throughout our community and throws open the Courthouse doors to greater participation in government.  We need leadership that makes high quality job growth a priority. As Commissioner I will provide that kind of leadership.

The Commissioners serve as both the executive and legislative branch of county government. The work of the Commissioners touches on both administration and policy. I have a strong background in public administration and elected County Council service paired with a progressive policy vision for our community.  I am ready to serve and to work together to build a more progressive Monroe County.

Elections are where we pick who will help us debate and then invent the future. I am honored to enter the race and hope to be able to apply my experience and talents to these essential tasks. I believe that government can and should be an active partner with people’s movements, citizen groups and an engaged public to craft a more just, humane and fair society. If you feel the same then this is your campaign.

Please join my campaign online at and follow us on social media. I’d love to work with you as a volunteer, a donor or supporter. Please bear in mind that I won’t be accepting any corporate or PAC contributions; only people please! Thanks for your consideration!  I will do my best to earn your support. 

Take care, 
Rick Dietz

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