Monroe County Auditor Candidate: Terri Porter

Monroe County

Auditor Candidate

Terri Porter


I’m Terri Porter, and I’m running for Monroe County Auditor.

I’m running because there are serious problems in the Auditor’s Office and there have been serious problems in the Auditor’s Office for many years. It’s time to push the reset button in the Auditor’s Office!

The Auditor is the Chief Financial Officer for the county and the office is the hub for the County’s information. It is an indispensable office that must be run effectively and efficiently. I have the experience and skills to root out the organizational deficiencies and fix them once and for all.

I’ve set three priority goals for the Auditor’s office:

1. Restore professionalism, correct deficiencies, and build upon strengths,
2. Rebuild trust in the office through strong leadership, effective management, transparency and accountability and,
3. Provide the critical information and data needed by the County’s key decision makers in order for them to make informed decisions in a timely manner.

I recently retired as an administrator for the Department of Housing & Urban Development. For more than 17 years I audited and provided oversight for billions of federal tax dollars. I have worked on the national, state, and local level to vigorously guard against fraud and mismanagement. I’ve also managed offices, budgets, procurement, and hired, supervised, trained and developed staff.

I have extensive practical experience identifying and remedying organizational deficiencies and solving financial discrepancies. I have a proven track record of transforming troubled offices into high performers. The application of my skills and expertise will restore public trust and confidence in the Monroe County Auditor’s office.

Reinforcing my practical experience is my formal education. In 2014 I received a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from UMKC. An MPA emphasizes government finance as well as executive leadership. Additionally, I am certified in both economic development and housing development finance.

I also know how to work with people and manage an office. We can’t forget that it’s people who perform the many duties in the Auditor’s office and that they have endured many years of troubled leadership. It is imperative that the new Auditor have extensive supervisory experience, for it is just as important to hold people accountable as it is to recognize people for their hard work. I will ensure that staff are cross trained as appropriate, I will encourage professional development, insist on integrity, as well as a commitment to providing superior customer service.

Collaborating with the Commissioners, Council, and other County offices through regular communication and information exchange is the cross cutting priority that will allow my goals for the office to be realized.

Of particular importance is a strong collaborative relationship between the Auditor, Treasurer, and their respective offices. Currently, interacting is very limited. This fact was cited as a finding in an audit report released late last year. Until this broken relationship is mended, the other 11 findings in the audit cannot be adequately addressed so that they will not recur.

The new Auditor must possess the well tested professional training experience needed to bring in the long overdue fresh approach for positive change. If elected, I will set an example for excellence in the Auditor’s office.

This is my vision for the Monroe County Auditor’s office. My goals are challenging but achievable. However, I need your help to make this vision a reality. Please vote for me, Terri Porter for Monroe County Auditor, in the Primary on May 3, 2016. Thank you!


Terri Porter

Democratic Candidate for

Monroe County Auditor

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