Monroe Circuit Court Judge-Division 1 Candidate: Darcie Fawcett

Monroe County

Circuit Court Judge, Division 1 Candidate

Darcie Fawcett


I am running for judge because I am committed to justice and equality in our community.  I ask for your vote because my professional experiences and my outlook make me the best qualified to serve. We should be proud of our local court. It is a court that has focused on the needs of the underserved and the promise of equality and justice for all.  I will keep that focus and extend that promise, for I have a solid reputation for hard work and a lifetime commitment to progressive values and service to others.

As a graduate of the IU School of Law, I am an attorney trained in all areas of the law.  I often work with the Family and Children Mediation Clinic, Community Legal Clinic, and the Protective Order Project.  For over a decade, I have been a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, handling thousands of cases from theft to murder. I have extensive courtroom experience. I specialize in prosecuting sexual assault cases and child molesting cases.  I have to protect victims, weigh very difficult family dynamics, assess the influence of drugs and alcohol, and check and recheck that the system is treating its participants fairly, equally and with dignity. Like judicial decisions, my prosecutorial decisions must be informed by the goal of justice and an outcome that serves victims and the community. The deliberative process of whether to file charges and how to proceed with each case, each defendant, and each victim is very much the same deliberative process of a judge considering the credibility of witnesses and the weight of the evidence.

As a prosecutor, I work closely with our Probation Department, Alternative Supervision Programs and our Problem Solving Courts. These Problem Solving Courts are important because they require offenders take responsibility for the changes they need to make. The courts and the community can and should make opportunities for offenders to take responsibility for what they have done and to open pathways going forward. I embrace the broad integration of the problem solving philosophy into the administration of justice to improve court processes and outcomes.

My dedication to equality is firmly entrenched and extends well beyond the courtroom. I have taught in the most underserved communities, first in Bangkok, Thailand, then in the Chicago Public Schools and finally in the Indianapolis Public Schools. The lessons learned there about tailoring a program to an individual’s need and treating everyone fairly and with respect inform my work everyday.

I came to Bloomington more than 15 years ago and have been engaged in the community ever since. I am a single mother of two young girls and it’s important to me that they see my active participation in our community. My children attend Fairview Elementary and I serve as president of its PTO. I am also president of the Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association, a member of the Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone Board, and of the Hospital Site Reutilization Steering Committee.

Thank you and please contact me ( should you have questions.

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