MCDP Meeting 20120928

Democratic friends,

Due to the tragic passing of candidate Sophia Travis, there is a vacancy on the ballot for Monroe County Council At-Large. As of Saturday morning absentee ballots are required to be mailed to voters with Sophia's name on them and that will continue until a successor is named.  

After consulting extensively with the Indiana Election Division, The Indiana Democratic Party, former MCDP Chairpersons, MCDP officers, precinct committeemembers, and several attorneys, the best course of action was to call a party meeting to secure appointment authority at the soonest date possible, Friday 28th.  Precinct Commiteemembers have received an official invitation and letter to this effect by now. Adopting a resolution authorizing appointment authority will allow me to place a new name on the ballot at the soonest possible date.

This has been a horrible experience for all of us.  I want to thank Dan Parker, Sarah Riordan, Jan Ellis, Pat Williams, Lee Jones, Trent Deckard, Guy & Connie Loftman, and our MCDP officers (Kyla, Hans and Nicole) for their assistance working through this complicated and unpleasant business.

In accordance with Indiana Democratic Party Rules, I have called a meeting of Democratic precinct committee persons for all Monroe County precincts for the purpose of authorizing the Monroe County Party Chair to have appointment authority for this vacancy.  The meeting will be held on Friday, September 28, 2012 at 7:00 pm in the Bloomington City Hall Council Chambers at 401 North Morton Street, Bloomington, Indiana.  I realize the this isn't a good time to have a meeting, but time is of the essence, and it will be quick.

It is my intent to appoint a candidate in keeping with the results of our Caucus earlier in the summer for County Council At-large.  As you will recall Lee Jones carried that Caucus with Cheryl Munson coming in a close second.  Scott Wells came in a close third to Cheryl, with Jeff Carson coming in fourth.  I have talked with Cheryl Munson and she remains interested in the County Council At-large position and is willing to accept my appointment. Scott Wells is supporting Cheryl for this position alongside me.  No candidate wishes to be in this position, but Cheryl is a community leader and is prepared for this challenge.  She will need our support, and she certainly has mine.  If you are willing to help Cheryl get her last-minute campaign started, please contact her right away at 

[email protected]
(812) 325-3407

Cheryl Munson for County Council
6707 W. Rock East Road
Bloomington, IN  47403 

All Monroe County Democratic Party precinct committeepersons are invited and eligible to vote at this meeting.  Vice precinct committee persons shall be eligible to vote if they are carrying a proxy for an absent committee person in accordance with Indiana Democratic Party Rules.  Proxy notes may be presented to me at the meeting.  A majority vote of Precinct Chairs present at the meeting is sufficient to authorize appointment authority by resolution.  

Any questions about this meeting can be addressed to me at [email protected] or at 812-671-0076.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we navigate this difficult period and press forward with our Fall elections.  I will send out a statement from Cheryl soon.