McCloskey Memorial Picnic

Please join us June 23rd, 2-6pm, for what we hope will be a continued tradition in the spirit of Frank McCloskey’s campaign picnics. The pitch-in picnic is a joint project of both the Democrats' Club and the Party, and will be held at the Woodlawn Shelter House at Bryan Park. The Club is providing hamburgers and hot dogs (including non-meat choices) and beverages. 


Connie and Guy Loftman will bring 30 Rise Up Singing songbooks, with words and chords for a thousand songs.  They welcome others to bring their guitars, banjos, fiddles, mandolins, harmonicas, etc.  Those who want extra singing will sit in the shade and share songs beginning at 2pm.  Then they’ll lead the whole gathering in some of our best numbers around 4pm.  You may want to bring a lawn chair, a music stand and your own Rise Up Singing.

We are requesting a donation of canned goods to be given to the Community Kitchen in memory of the Frank and Roberta. We will also be remembering Sophia Travis and Warren Henegar at the picnic.  We hope to see you there! And please, spread the word!