Mark Fraley's Statement of Resignation as MCDP Chair

Mark Fraley, Chair of the Monroe County Democratic Party, recently announced his resignation as MCDP chair.  The resignation will take place early in 2019, when a successor will be selected in a caucus of precinct committee people.

Serving in Monroe County Democratic leadership has been a profound privilege and an extraordinary honor.  In my nearly seven years as a member of the MCDP executive committee, I have had the pleasure of working alongside some of our community’s most capable, compassionate, and committed people to establish Monroe County as a model for progressive leadership in Indiana.  After serving four years as chair of this estimable organization, it is time for me to step aside.

I am extraordinarily proud of our team's accomplishments over the years that I have served as chair.  Building on the successes of successive generations of party leaders, we have made the party bigger, broader, livelier and more youthful.   

In the past few years, we established an aggressive grassroots presence that has preserved and expanded Democrats’ foothold in Monroe County.  We created the Democracy Lab and helped cultivate party caucuses to enhance our outreach to our communities’ youth, people of color, trade unionists, and rural residents. We invested in an off-year canvassing operation that served as a model for grassroots operations throughout southern and central Indiana. We expanded our communications network, substantially increased the party’s funding base, and hired our Party’s very first executive director.

It would not be fair for me to suggest that we have accomplished all we need to accomplish.  The Party has very real challenges ahead and there are many reasons to reflect on our own deficiencies.  However, with a strong infrastructure firmly intact, it is time for a new Chair to guide our party in meeting these challenges.

I highly value everyone who has worked with me during these past four years.  Our party officers, deputies, precinct people, volunteers, activists, candidates, and elected officials have been a profound inspiration to me and a blessing to this community.  I don’t have enough space to name you all individually, but please know that I cherish your service and your friendship. 

Our leadership team is in the process of scheduling a caucus to elect a new chair.  I fully expect the caucus to occur at the very beginning of the new year after swearing in our newly-elected officials. I strongly encourage anyone interested in filling this role to contact me at [email protected].

Thanks again to everyone for giving me the opportunity to serve as your chair.  I know there are bright days for this party ahead. I look forward to working by your side as we consummate our commitment to building a community in service of social justice.

Mark Fraley, Democratic Party Chair