Local Democrats Sound Alarm Before Trump’s Supreme Court Nomination

Statement from the Monroe County Democratic Party on Trump's planned nomination to the Supreme Court.

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July 9, 2018                                                     


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Local Democrats Sound Alarm Before Trump’s Supreme Court Nomination

Party officials state that President Trump threatens deeply held American values

Bloomington – Local Democrats today opposed President Donald Trump’s announced standards for and specific list of potential nominees to the Supreme Court seat vacated by Justice Anthony Kennedy.  Representatives of the Monroe County Democratic Party warned that decades of progress toward social justice could be jeopardized by a Supreme Court that falls far to the fringes of American society.

“Our nation is in the depths of a profound moral crisis,” said Mark Fraley, Chairman of the Monroe County Democratic Party.  “More than ever, we need to strengthen the character of institutions that constrain executive power and preserve deeply held American values.”

Local Democrats noted that a sudden rightward swing in the Supreme Court will have the capacity to radically reshape American’s civic architecture by locking in anti-democratic gerrymandering practices, overturning laws that protect civil rights and provide health care, and further opening the floodgates of corporate money in politics.

Nidhi Krishnan of the Young Democrats of Bloomington High School South noted the implications of the court vacancy on today’s youth. “The Supreme Court has the power to decide on fundamental issues that will have longterm effects on my generation. Equality between school districts and affordable college tuition are possible Supreme Court decisions issues that would affect the quality of life of students in this country.

“President Trump and many in the Senate seek to remold America and explicitly target the courts to do so, undermining the rule of law, democracy, and fundamental liberties,” added John Hamilton, Mayor of Bloomington. “That’s the same Trump who lost the popular vote by millions, who is under investigation for colluding with a foreign enemy to win the election, and who regularly demeans our Republic with his bigotry and bullying.”

Manuel Diaz-Campos, Chair of the 9th District Democratic Latino Caucus added: “The diversity of our nation and the protection of cultures and freedom of religion is in jeopardy as discriminatory practices are imposed under misleading legislation that seeks to undermine minority rights”.

Local Democratic representatives urged voters to pressure U.S. Senators to affirm these deeply held American values and oppose nominees to the Supreme Court who won’t pledge support for the same core values and principles.

Mayor Hamilton continued “We should take inspiration from history: Justice Kennedy served on the Court only because progressives stopped Reagan’s ultra-conservative Robert Bork from taking that seat in 1987. Instead, swing-vote Kennedy was the deciding vote to reaffirm Roe v. Wade and to guarantee marriage equality.”