Local Democrats Oppose State House Overreach

The Indiana State House caps off its legislative session by targeting Bloomington

Bloomington - “Anti-democratic and inappropriate.” That’s how Monroe County Democratic Party chair Mark Fraley described the Indiana State House’s recent addition of a bill designed disrupt Bloomington’s current annexation process.

 “As a party we don’t have a position on the proposed annexation of areas around Bloomington” Fraley said. “However, we do have strong opposition to Republicans in the state house hijacking a local issue by taking the power to decide this issue away from the people of Monroe County. Folks throughout Monroe County have elected a diverse and talented group to represent us and lead us. We certainly do not need State House Republicans to make our decisions for us.”

Affordable housing, gun control, solar energy, the minimum wage, and now annexation are just a few of the areas in which Republican legislators have worked to override local control - preventing progressive communities from governing themselves.

“On nearly every issue Bloomingtonians care about, the State House has inserted itself in our local decisions,” Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton said. “As Mayor I work everyday with my colleagues in city and county government. Sometimes we disagree and when that happens our constituents expect us to come together, find a solution and move forward. When the State House acts like the Indiana city council by inserting itself in local issues it undermines the choices made by voters throughout Monroe county.”

 Monroe County Democratic Party Vice Chair and County Treasurer Jessica McClellan added “Democrats in Monroe county represent a broad array of views and constituents.  As the duly elected representatives of the people of Monroe County, they should be the ones to decide local issues, not Republicans in Indianapolis with an out of touch right wing agenda.”