Local Democrats Need Your Support Today!

There is no doubt that 2012 will be a historic election for Monroe County, for Indiana and for our Nation. Four years ago, for the first time in decades, the concerted effort of Democrats across the state put Indiana in the Democratic column. Although 2012 is a very different year, we have opportunities to wrest Governor, Senator and Congressional seats from Republican hands and maintain strong Democratic leadership in Monroe County.


There are communities larger than us in Indiana, but none in Indiana speaks with as bold and strong a voice as Monroe County and Bloomington. Monroe County is pivotal to Election night victories in the 9th Congressional District, Indiana Governor and US Senate races. If we do not turn out our Democratic base, we will be poorly represented for two, four and six-year terms.

We need your help...

  • to provide support for local candidates, office holders, democratic volunteers and voters, 
  • to support our voter registration, voter contact, and get-out-the-vote efforts,
  • to fund our campaign literature and mailings through Election day,
  • to pay our rent and utilities at MCDP Headquarters, and
  • to fund our day-to-day headquarters office expenses.

Our strength, our vision, and our hard work could very well be the margin of victory in the 9th District and Indiana statewide offices.

It has been said that all politics is local. But too few of the donations are in a year like this. In order to seize this opportunity to shape our state and national parties and our state and national politics, we need your support!

If there has ever been a Republican slate as radical as Romney/Ryan, Pence, Mourdock and Young, I haven’t seen it. Times like these demand the action of good Democrats. The front lines of this campaign are right here at home. Join the Monroe County Democratic Party in this fight. Contribute today!http://www.monroedems.org/donate

Rick Dietz
MCDP Chair

PS In the most critical races on the ballot, the difference between Red and Blue is you. $10 will purchase copier paper, $50 dollars will help us provide Voter IDs to those in need, $100 will help pay our utility bills, $500 will purchase a computer for data entry at our phone banks, and $1000 will pay a month’s rent. Become a member of the Monroe County Democratic Party today! We need you.