Liz Watson Endorsed by Network for Public Education Action Fund

The Network for Public Education Action Fund Endorses Liz Watson for Congress in Indiana

By Diane Ravitch
October 27, 2018
The Network for Public Education Action Fund is pleased to endorse Liz Watson for Congress in Indiana’s 9th Congressional District.

The Network for Public Education Action has endorsed Liz Watson in the general election for Indiana’s 9th Congressional District seat in the United States House of Representatives.

One of Liz’s highest priorities and a centerpiece of her platform is fully supporting our public schools. The Indiana Coalition for Public Education—Monroe County was one of the first groups Liz met with when she began her campaign – and she has been a partner since then. Liz believes that teachers should be paid a professional, living wage that keeps up with inflation and is commensurate with their experience and education level.

According to Liz, “When taxpayer dollars are diverted to private schools through vouchers, this weakens our public schools. While vouchers have been billed as a means for students to leave so-called ‘failing schools’ for private ones, only a tiny proportion of voucher users are leaving schools that the state calls failing. More than half of vouchers are going to students who have been in private schools their entire lives. Using public funds to pay the private school tuition of students from higher-income families, while leaving children from low-income families struggling to make do with less, hurts our schools, our kids, and our future.

She continues, “Charter schools are a slippery slope into a two-tiered system of education. That’s why, as a policy matter, I oppose any further expansion of charter schools. Charter schools have been a failed experiment, because they are largely unaccountable and lack transparency. While they were intended to be hubs of innovation that would bring new ideas back to public schools, this has not happened on a consistent basis, and has not been the end result.”

Liz Watson is running against Trey Hollingsworth who is in his first term and is primarily funded through large donations from outside Indiana and who has been unresponsive on education issues. The 9th Congressional district is a gerrymandered district that runs from central Indiana to the Kentucky border.

Please do what you can this November 6 to send this committed, engaged public education advocate to Washington D.C. to fight for all of Indiana’s children.