Letters to the Editor Supporting Stoffers

Stoffers' Record is impressive (HT March 1, 2018)

The diverse list of Pat Stoffers’ accomplishments as our county commissioner is impressive. His record includes support for our community’s safety net, and innovative solutions toward addressing affordable housing and the opioid epidemic.

He’s led on matters of equity and equality, having voted to create the Monroe County Women’s Commission and to offer domestic partner benefits for county employees, years ahead of other municipalities.

Meanwhile, his support of critical initiatives to enhance our county’s workforce and workplaces has resulted in increased economic and educational opportunities. Infrastructure investments in the west side TIF district, including road improvements, trails and parks have helped attract the expansion investments of companies such as Cook and ABB Technologies.

Partnerships such as the one which brought us the Indiana Center for Life Sciences help assure those companies can recruit local talent, and individuals can improve their marketability in emerging sectors.

With Stoffers’ leadership, county buildings have become more energy efficient, thanks to the addition of solar power, and the hundreds of employees of Monroe County no longer rely on a shuttle bus to access parking.

I hope for many more initiatives resulting from his leadership. Join me in supporting Stoffers for commissioner.

Kim Alexander


Stoffers has vote (HT, April 3, 2018)

I had the pleasure of working with Patrick Stoffers at the City of Bloomington Utilities over several years, where he served as finance manager. In that time, I got to know him as someone who listens well, takes in all angles of a situation and then works to solve problems. He is as pragmatic as can be and has a sense of humor and a sense of mission as he goes about his work.

What I learned from following the local news was just how large of a role County Commissioner Stoffers has played in moving Monroe County forward over the years. From advancing initiatives for county employees such as the onsite employee health clinic and domestic partnership benefits years ahead of other progressive counties, to supporting county parks and trails my family accesses for recreation, and investing in higher education and workforce training opportunities through partnerships with Ivy tech, Patrick’s record reflects all of the things we value in Monroe County.

I am proud to know the humble retired finance manager, and I am proud to know the dynamic county leader seeking re-election in the May 8th Democratic Primary. He has my vote!

Shawn Miya


Stoffers caring, compassionate (HT, April 7, 2018)

I have been following Patrick Stoffers’ Facebook page as he seeks re-election as our county commissioner. One of the three areas of work he is focused on is “building a compassionate and caring community.”

Patrick has done this as commissioner by supporting our community’s safety net at every opportunity. As president of the board of commissioners, he rallied support for Middle Way House to open up New Wings shelter for battered women and their children, supported Volunteers in Medicine year after year, and more recently, stepped up when Shalom Center looked to add weekend hours.

The opioid epidemic is a big problem for families in Monroe County, but Monroe County led the way with a needle exchange program he supported in 2015. A new commission is now advising the county on finding solutions, and a new program at the health department helps people connect with resources.

Patrick has also supported improvements in our jail and mental health services so that people can come out in better shape than when they arrived.

Commissioner Stoffers really has done a lot toward a more “compassionate and caring community,” and that is why he has my vote this primary election.

Marilyn Stonecipher


Stoffers has vision (HT, April 7, 2018)

Throughout my years with Monroe County government and working with Commissioner Patrick Stoffers, I have always admired his leadership and vision for both the workplace and the county. While working with Commissioner Stoffers, I knew that I could always turn to him for accurate and solid advice on policies and procedures.

As commissioner, Patrick’s leadership on big picture projects have helped add options for county residents who want to get trained for jobs in growing fields. I remember his enthusiasm when moving forward with partnerships with Ivy Tech in the Westside TIF District, which brought us the Indiana Center for Life Sciences and the Lee Marchant School of Nursing. I appreciate that he is now talking about increasing rural transit options for these hubs of activity.

Vote Stoffers for continued leadership from a caring and compassionate man for Monroe County.

Therese K. Chambers