Letters to the Editor Supporting Schulz

Supports Matt Schulz (HT: 12/11/17)

I write in strong support of Matt Schulz for Monroe County prosecutor.

I have lived and worked in Monroe County continuously as an attorney since 1989. Over these 28 years, I have met and interacted professionally and personally with an untold number of people, some more remarkable than others. Fortunately, I count Matt among the more pleasant and remarkable individuals I have had the pleasure to get to know.

He and I first crossed paths in the classroom. He was one of my better law students who stood out because of his seriousness of purpose and dedication to becoming as good a lawyer as he could be. I don’t know that he has yet completely achieved his goal in that regard, but I can attest to his continued striving toward that end.

Through his work in our community, he has demonstrated the service, leadership and experience that our prosecutor’s office will need in the upcoming years. Finally, I will say to those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to meet and get to know Matt Schulz, he is a smart, honest, hardworking family man who will work tirelessly to improve the justice system in our community.

Earl Singleton



Schulz for prosecutor (HT: 1/18/18)

Matt Schulz is running for Monroe County prosecutor. We enthusiastically endorse his candidacy.

We have known Matt for over a decade. In that time, we have grown to know Matt as a hard-working attorney and active community member. Between his professional experience in both criminal prosecution and defense and his administration of the criminal justice department at Ivy Tech, Matt is equipped to competently and efficiently lead the prosecutor’s office.

Matt’s dedication to our community is equally impressive. He has served on the governance committee of Big Brothers Big Sisters, the United Way’s Real Men Read program, the board of directors of the Mental Health America Monroe County, and as president of the Monroe County Bar Association. Matt’s expertise in criminal law and his professional leadership experience combined with his interest in the betterment of our community give him all the right qualifications to be Monroe County prosecutor.

Beyond his resume, we know Matt as a loyal and kind neighbor who enjoys hikes at Griffy Lake with his wife and four young children. If you see us around town, please ask us about Matt and why you too should support and vote for Matt Schulz for prosecutor.

Chris and Allison Chopra


Good choice for prosecutor (HT: 2/9/18)

I urge you to vote for Matt Schulz for Monroe County prosecutor. Matt’s background serving both as a former deputy prosecutor, and currently, in his own law practice as a criminal defense attorney, gives him the well-rounded perspective needed to lead the prosecutor’s office on the issues affecting safety and justice in our community. Matt actively shares his knowledge through teaching in and leading Ivy Tech’s department of criminal justice.

As a fellow attorney, I have served with Matt on the board of one of the several organizations in which Matt serves. In that capacity, I have observed Matt’s ability to genuinely consider differing views, yet move the organization forward with a measured, clear decision.

Matt has a strong sense of ethics and fairness. I never hesitate to refer my clients to Matt for issues related to his practice areas, because I know he will do his best to help them.

Matt is a family man, who loves spending free time outdoors with his wife and children, and participating in events to support organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Matt is an experienced and thoughtful choice to lead our prosecutor’s office.

Erin Martoglio



Schultz deserves support (HT: 4/10/18)

I am writing this letter in support of the candidacy of Matt Schultz for the position of prosecutor of Monroe County.

I first met Matt several years ago when I started teaching at Ivy Tech Community College in Bloomington. As an administrator, Matt is well-organized and systematic, knowledgeable and fair. As a criminal defense attorney, he is dedicated to the profession of law and the principle of applying law in a just manner.

As a military veteran, Matt is orderly and deliberate, and he requires orderliness in those he supervises at Ivy Tech.

In addition to his job as a defense attorney, Matt also has served as an assistant prosecutor in Monroe County. Working both sides of any legal issue provides an advantageous perspective, and Matt’s tenures as prosecutor and defense attorney give him a sense of wisdom that isn’t always accessible to full-time prosecutors — or full-time defense attorneys.

Matt is also a loving husband and father, and he is dedicated to the role of government in serving children and families.

I believe that Matt will be an excellent prosecutor, and I strongly support his candidacy.

William Morris



Schulz for prosecutor (HT: 4/18/18)

I endorse Matt Schulz for prosecutor. Matt and I have been very close friends since college. In 2014, we worked closely together as practicing attorneys in the Bloomington community. Through our friendship and professional relationship, I can attest that Matt has a peaceful soul, yet an unbreakable and pure moral fabric.

I can also attest that he is an exceptional attorney with great analytical skills. I endorse Matt Schulz because I know he would serve religiously as our prosecutor, in order to protect our community and at the same time rehabilitate those people in our community that need help. The McAfee law office fully supports Matt Schulz for prosecutor.

Joshua McAfee



Schulz has experience (HT: 4/18/18)

I support the candidacy of Matt Schulz for prosecutor of Monroe County. Matt has a breadth of experience, as a deputy prosecutor, as a defense attorney in private practice, as head of the criminal justice program at Ivy Tech and as a veteran of the military.

Matt holds progressive ideals. For example, I recently spoke with Matt about the issue of cash bail. He explained to me that our county is currently part of a pilot program, established by the Indiana Supreme Court and embraced by our local judges, for using pre-trial assessment instead of cash bail.

Matt is proud of our courts and would support the continuation of this program. Matt also supports continuation and expansion of pre-trial diversion programs and drug-court solutions for drug addicts.

Talk to Matt, and you will hear nuanced and well-reasoned discussions of the important issues facing the prosecutor’s office and our community. I believe his varied experience will help him implement and maintain programs that will make the prosecutor’s office more effective at serving justice in our community. I strongly believe that Matt is the best candidate for the office of prosecutor, and I hope that he will receive your vote.

Mimi Zolan


Schulz deserves support (HT: 5/3/18)

I am writing in support of Matt Schulz for prosecutor.

As a well-respected defense attorney who has also been a deputy prosecutor, he has spent his career helping keep people that have no business being in jail from going there while working to get fair sentences when it does come to that, all while effectively leading offices by managing his own practice and chairing the criminal justice and paralegal studies department at Ivy Tech.

He is fully aware of the issues facing our criminal justice system and those who enter it because he has spent his entire legal career living it on both the prosecution and defense sides, giving him an important and unique perspective among the candidates. No one understands the importance of fair and just criminal court outcomes better than someone who has been a defense lawyer and sees the direct outcomes on real people every day.

He has been quite successful at it, having built his practice from the ground up through word-of-mouth, been elected president of the Monroe County Bar Association and achieved positive outcomes in and out of the courtroom. Matt Schulz has the criminal law expertise and hands-on leadership experience. He deserves your support.

Kevin Easton



Schulz prepared to lead (HT: 5/5/18)

Matt and Heidi Schulz have been friends of ours for over a decade. When Matt announced he was running for prosecutor, we knew we needed to differentiate between our friendship and the qualities required of this position as we considered our support.

Similar to one of his running mates, Matt has experience as a local deputy prosecutor. This gives both candidates important perspective and historical background. However, Matt’s experience since that time, and prior to that position, sets him apart and broadens his lens for understanding the challenges within our justice system.

Matt stepped away from the prosecutor’s office to open Schulz Law office and shortly thereafter was recruited by Ivy Tech to chair their criminal justice and paralegal studies departments. Matt is a respected attorney in town, effectively juggling both roles. Prior to that, Matt served in the military as an air traffic controller and training supervisor.

The position of prosecutor requires a person to lead and train others while also understanding the complicated balance of prosecuting crime and addressing challenges posed by addiction, mental health, and poverty. Matt’s career demonstrates he is highly qualified to run this office. Join us in voting Schulz for prosecutor.

Joellan and Colin Chang



Schulz deserves vote (HT: 5/5/18)

I’m voting for Matt Schulz for prosecutor. He has the qualities I admire in a prosecutor and a person.

I was an attorney for 34 years, primarily in criminal defense. I encountered many prosecutors, and learned what makes a good one. Then we retired to Bloomington. Matt and his wife, Heidi, (long-time area residents) became our neighbors.

A prosecutor in a large office like Monroe County’s must have managerial skills; Matt, a small business owner with a master’s degree in management (earned while in the Army), has such. A prosecutor must have meaningful experience in a courtroom, and with the justice system and community resources. Matt does. For three years, he was a deputy prosecutor, and for five years since a criminal defense attorney, all while being active in Big Brothers Big Sisters, Real Men Read and Mental Health America — Monroe County.

A prosecutor must teach and train staff. Matt can do this. He’s taught criminal justice for six years at Ivy Tech, serving as the department chair for four.

Personally and professionally, Matt is patient, fair, compassionate, open to others’ ideas. He employs sound judgment, and is industrious, well-organized, and motivated.

Matt Schulz deserves our vote on May 8.

Daniel Kirwan