Letters to the Editor Supporting Rice

Qualifications unmatched (HT: 4/7/18)

To the editor:

Margie Rice is running for prosecutor to succeed Chris Gaal, who is running for Judge. I write to ask for your support.

The role of prosecutor is defined by the person who holds that office.

Monroe County has benefitted from 12 years of tough prosecuting of crimes. We have also been strengthened by strong collaborations with many social services, the schools and universities, to prevent and deal effectively and proactively with domestic violence, sexual assaults, alcohol and drug related incidents, child and elder abuse, fraud on businesses and much more.

Building these partnerships requires knowledge of the community, local organizations, as well as legal, management and people skills.

Margie Rice has served the people for more than 20 years—as a deputy prosecutor, as a county attorney, as general counsel for Bloomington and as active leadership for HHOFB, the YMCA, Life Designs (aka Options), and many more. She graduated cum laude from the Iu Maurer School of Law, while caring for a critically ill child.

Margie Rice isa tireless advocate for persons with disabilities, is committed to social justice, restorative justice and reducing recidivism. She is smart, a good listener, and a hard worker. Her qualifications are unmatched.

Charlotte Zietlow



None better than Rice (HT: 4/9/18)

I support Margie Rice for Monroe County Prosecutor. I have seen Margie take on enormous challenges, both professionally and in her personal life. I cannot imagine a better person to serve as our prosecutor.

The prosecutor serves at the top law enforcement officer for our community. The prosecutor decides what criminal charges are filed, if any. Your prosecutor must balance this enormous responsibility with the obligation to also manage a large office. The prosecutor makes sure case assignments are fair, that employee needs are met and that budgets are followed.

Margie Rice has 20 years of experience as a lawyer. She has been a deputy prosecutor, has served in private practice and has served our community as corporation counsel for the city of Bloomington. She has successfully managed a large office of lawyers and staff for the city of Bloomington for many years, which included working with the city of Bloomington Police.

Most of all, Margie Rice’s judgment is solid. Margie will not back down from doing the right thing, whatever that might be. We can trust her with leading the Monroe County Prosecutor’s office and to help keep Monroe County the place we all love to live.

Fred Schultz



Rice tough-minded, fair (HT: 4/18/18)

I’m writing in support of Margie Rice for Monroe County prosecutor. Margie combines all the qualities I believe a prosecutor needs. Her legal experience is extensive, encompassing litigation, local government, public and private sector work. She is fair-minded and tough, with a firm sense of justice and a thoughtful, inquiring mind. She’s also one of the smartest, most energetic people I know.

Margie and I first met years ago as parents of young children with disabilities, where I first witnessed her persistence, advocacy skills and desire to protect those who are vulnerable and find ways to help people change negative behavior. Later, as Margie’s colleague at the city, I observed how quickly and wisely she’d analyze situations as they arose and try to resolve them in ways that most benefitted the citizens and the community.

She’s a strong, courageous person who doesn’t hesitate to take on a challenge or speak up when something needs to be said. She holds people accountable for their behavior, yet does so with compassion and an understanding of the causes of that behavior. I know she’ll be a great prosecutor. Please join me in supporting Margie Rice for prosecutor.

Susan Failey



Rice platform offers hope (HT: 4/19/18)

To the editor:

A recent PBS report highlighted Arizona’s probation system that replaced punitive incarceration with positive support.

Humane treatment has turned offenders’ lives around — saving taxpayers $461,000,000 more than 10 years! Another report featured a crisis center in Kansas City offering compassion and treatment rather than punishment for those with mental health and addiction issues.

Margie Rice is the one candidate who stands up for change in criminal justice, stressing reformation and rehabilitation for offenders as dictated by the Indiana Constitution. She proposes mobilizing numerous resources to help offenders get back on track and out of the criminal justice system.

Her experience, vision, passion and energy prepare her to make real changes as she aspires to make Monroe County a model for the state and country. Changes could save taxpayer money, reduce homeless, unemployment and recidivism.

Children are the collateral damage of our current system. Their lives are forever changed when parents are locked up rather than given rehabilitation. Statistics show that in adulthood, these children are at high risk of also serving jail or prison sentences. Reform could pave the way for a brighter future for them and their parents.

Rice’s platform gives me hope. She gets my vote.

Mary Goetze



Voted For Rice (HT: 4/26/18)

And so it begins. What had been a relatively positive race for prosecutor was soured by two negative moves by the Oliphant campaign.

First, the candidate issues her first press release (less than three weeks before Election Day). Did she choose the opportunity to discuss what she’ll do if elected? To make a pledge to protect the community? Or to take a stance on an issue? No. She used her very first press release to attack her opponent.

If this is her track record as a candidate, maybe it’s time to investigate her track record as deputy prosecutor and ask what it portends should she get elected.

Next came a letter to the editor from a local defense attorney working for the Oliphant campaign (one wonders about the role a defense attorney will play in a prosecutorial administration). She attacks Margie Rice for issuing press releases “to get her name in the paper.” That begs the question: when Oliphant issues a release, should she not be held to the same standard?

We voted for Margie Rice for prosecutor because she’s running a mature campaign and offering substantive ideas.

We’re glad we did. We hope you will, too.

Michael Molenda and Janet Stavropoulos



Margie Rice cares (HT: 5/3/18)

The old saying (often attributed to Theodore Roosevelt), “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” is something to consider in the upcoming election. If you know Margie Rice, you know how much she cares about our community and everyone who resides in it. If you don’t know Margie Rice, then you simply must meet her — which is easy to do — as she is approachable, engaging and genuine.

In addition to being a smart and accomplished attorney, Margie is a proven public servant with deep experience in both the public and private sectors. She has consistently demonstrated that she knows the law, understands the law and believes sincerely in fair treatment for all under the law. Margie’s experience as a deputy prosecutor, city attorney, and county attorney has prepared her well to serve as a key leader in maintaining public safety in our community.

I’m grateful that Margie Rice lives in our community, works every day to help make it a better place and has chosen to seek the Office of Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney. Please join me in supporting Margie Rice on May 8, 2018.

Linda Williamson



Vote for Margie Rice (HT: 5/5/18)

To Democrats undecided about the prosecutor’s race, I write to strongly support Margie Rice as the person best situated to advance the progressive tradition established by Chris Gaal.

In promoting her new book, Madeleine Albright warns we should be concerned our nation rewarded a strongman rather than a strong leader in the Trump-Clinton race and makes suggestions about how to protect democracy.

She advises us to:

• Get new people involved in politics.

• Run for office.

• Become informed.

• Listen to other people — especially those with whom you disagree — and to do so in a civil way.

• Recognize that democracy is based on an active citizenship.

As I listened to her advice, I was struck that those points are precisely what’s motivated Margie Rice throughout her professional life and led her to run for prosecutor.

All three prosecutorial candidates are good people with good intentions. But Margie Rice has the life and work experience best qualifying her for the job. She’s extremely ethical, studies and works harder than anyone else and knows how to make tough choices.

Albright concludes her talk with one last recommendation: vote.

I hope you do, and I hope you do so for Margie Rice.

Mark Kruzan


Rice is right choice (HT: 5/5/18)

To the editor:

Like the readers of the HT, I know and admire supporters of all of the democratic candidates for county prosecutor. I have listened to all of their visions for the role of county prosecutor. Because Margie Rice has served the public for more than twenty years in multiple capacities as an attorney; and because Margie Rice has worked with people all over the county and beyond to resolve important social, criminal, and educational issues through her hardworking service; and because Margie Rice has the ethics, integrity, strength, and values that support a caring community; I believe that she is the right choice for county prosecutor.

Margie Rice possesses a theory and practice of action that leads to restorative justice. I am especially impressed by her extensive experience with cross-agency collaboration. Rice has the knowledge and the drive to enforce a safe and just community while helping our community decrease its use of incarceration to address other social issues that are more difficult to resolve. Although our country seems to discount experience, we do not need to do the same. I am voting for experience by voting for Margie Rice for county prosecutor. Please do the same.

Margaret Clements