Letters to the Editor Supporting Manns

Manns has made impact (HT: 4/18/18)

Alphonso Manns is long overdo to become judge in Monroe County. For the past 30 years, I’ve watched Alphonso make a tremendous impact on underprivileged youth in our city.

Growing up, it was nothing to see three or four children from troubled homes being housed and fed by his family. He always took the time to mentor and guide underprivileged youth throughout the years, and he’s genuinely a kind and passionate man.

Alphonso also cares about issues such as the opioid crisis, and he’s made impacts on the issues in ways that most of you will never read about. As a member of this community who is also involved with a few nonprofits in the area, I know firsthand. Most recently, Alphonso Manns represented and served Courage to Change sober living in projects that required legal assistance.

We’re a grass roots organization who serves people with substance use disorder, and we are operated by all volunteers because we don’t have a lot of money. Alphonso took the responsibility on without expecting compensation, saving our organization thousands of dollars that we didn’t have to spare. He’s balanced, logical, tactful, and compassionate, exactly what were looking for in our community.

Brandon Drake



Manns truly cares (HT: 5/3/18)

I’m contacting you because The Herald Times has been a platform for Hoosiers to discuss a wide range of topics, and I wanted to take this opportunity to inform the local community about a great man who changed my life; moreover, has been instrumental in my family being able to strengthen our bond.

Mr. Alphonso Manns with his wisdom, patience and guidance and shown me that being optimistic even though dark clouds hover will see you through. Because of him, I’m a better father; I most certainly think before I act; and I consider others that are less fortunate that may be experiencing hardship and turbulence in their lives.

I learned to do that because I watched and listened how attorney Alphonso Manns conducts himself — always fair, honest with integrity .He is someone I respect because he doesn’t compromise his morals and principles.I believe Mr. Manns can make the best court magistrate because he truly cares. Mr. Manns is professional, but he is also someone that can relate to the the plight of others without. He is a man that cares tremendously for the safety and well being of children foremost .

Marlon Smith