Letters to the Editor Supporting Jeff Kehr

Integrity, fairness above all (HT: 4/5/18)

We fully endorse and recommend Jeff Kehr for the upcoming judicial position in Monroe Circuit Court, Division 3. Jeff has served as a prosecutor — and thus a so-called adversary to defense attorneys like us — for over 20 years.

He is unquestionably an honest and dedicated public servant who has consistently proven to be a fair-minded prosecutor interested in justice (i.e., the right and equitable path) and a strong advocate of equal rights and protections for women and minorities. Jeff has long been involved in policy-making decisions and is also a founding member of the Monroe County Drug Treatment Court, which by all accounts has been a resounding success.

In addition to his service as a prosecutor, Jeff is involved in our community in many ways as a husband and father. We know and respect Jeff both professionally and personally. To be sure, his integrity and fairness are above reproach, unimpeachable and unassailable. For all of the reasons (and more), we fully support and recommend Jeff Kehr for the upcoming judicial position in Monroe Circuit Court, Division III.

Ron Chapman and Will Spalding


Kehr the real thing (HT: 4/17/18)

I want to go on record as endorsing Jeff Kehr for Monroe County Judge.

I retired in 2016 from a 27 year career in law enforcement. During my career, I had the privilege of working with Jeff Kehr in his role at the Monroe County prosecutors office for almost 20 of those years.

As our careers progressed and our roles changed, one thing that always remained constant. Jeff Kehr was always a dedicated, passionate, competent and professional public servant. These attributes are not new or something Jeff Kehr has assumed as a political statement. It is simply who he is.

If you want a judge with a moral compass that will always point true north, vote Jeff Kehr for Monroe County Judge!

Tony Pope

Kehr will be fair, impartial (HT: 4/26/18)

I wish to publicly state that I endorse Jeff Kehr for the position of a Monroe County Judge.

I am currently employed as an investigator within the law enforcement community of Monroe County, and have been an officer for 28 years. I have had the honor of working with Deputy Prosecutor Jeff Kehr for the last 12 years on many different types of crimes/investigations. I also have a close friendship with Jeff Kehr.

In that time, I have had occasions to seek legal advice on how to proceed with an investigation. Jeff Kehr has always had the answer. I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable in all forms of the law, including civil matters. He is fair and considers what’s before him from all angles in order to assist in rendering the best possible outcome for everyone concerned in the matter.

He has a deep respect for the law, and his integrity is unquestionable. He is a loving father and husband, and has devoted his life to both family and serving his community as a deputy prosecutor.

I can attest he will be a fair, and impartial judge who will serve this community honorably.

Shawn Karr



Kehr would be excellent judge (HT: 5/3/18)

I am writing to support Jeff Kehr for judge. I voted for him last week in early voting, and I hope you will vote for him, too.

I know Jeff personally. He is a devoted husband and father and a dedicated public servant. He has the knowledge, experience, work ethic and personality to be an excellent judge.

He has served many years as Monroe County’s deputy prosecuting attorney. He has extensive trial experience, including more than 50 felony jury trials. He has prosecuted many of the most serious crimes including murders, attempted murder, rape, aggravated battery and burglary. He has extensive knowledge of the rules of evidence, jury rules and the rules of trial procedure applicable to both civil and criminal cases.

I know him to be a calm, patient, fair , and hard working individual and the right person for the job. Vote for Jeff Kehr for judge.

Felice Cloyd



Kehr has proven experience (HT: 5/3/18)

I am asking voters in Monroe County to vote for Jeff Kehr for Circuit judge.

I have known Jeff Kehr since he started in the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office more than 20 years ago. Jeff is an outstanding deputy prosecutor. Jeff has extensive trial experience, great knowledge of Indiana criminal law, and has been the lead prosecutor in many serious cases here.

We need a candidate who is experienced in jury trials, trial procedures, jury rules and most important, has common sense to be fair to all parties involved in a court proceeding.

Let’s put the candidate who has the knowledge, proven court room experience and common sense behind the bench.

Please vote for Jeff Kehr for judge in Monroe County

Don Schmuhl


Kehr deserves support (HT: 5/7/18)

My names is Charles Caragol. I’m a retired state of Indiana parole officer. I’m endorsing Jeff Kehr for the candidate of Monroe County judge, seat 3, being vacated by the honorable Judge Frances Hill.

I’ve know Jeff since he became a deputy prosecutor some 20 years ago. He is uniquely suited for the position of judge, given the many years of public service as a deputy prosecutor and the extensive trial experience prosecuting some of the most serious cases, which Monroe County has experienced in the last 10 or more years.

Jeff is an honorable, evenhanded and fair person. I experienced this many times when we worked together in some of my parole cases.

Jeff deserves our support in his quest to become the next judge of seat 3 of the Monroe Circuit Court.

Please vote Tuesday.

Charles Caragol