I am writing this letter to support Jayme Washel for County Council District 2.

I have known Jayme for a number of years; as a colleague as well as a friend. We met when Jayme volunteered his time coaching high school football at Bloomington High School South, where I was on the staff. He certainly earned the respect of the players, as well as his peers, through his hard work, preparation and dedication to the job at hand.

Those are qualities that I would like to see in members of our county council. Jayme is able to share his own points of view on important topics, while taking the time to listen to others who may not always agree with him.

Jayme has work experience that has prepared him to be an exceptional member of the county council, someone who will work with others to do what is best for our community. As a fellow public servant, I look forward to voting for Jayme Washel, County Council District 2.

-- Thomas Drew Frey


In 2006 I suffered a significant fire at my residence in Bloomington while I was away. I later learned that it was Bloomington firefighter Jayme Washel, who at some peril to his own safety, was the first one to burst through my door, accompanied by the crew.

As a result, the fire was contained to prevent what would have been even more destruction. Mr. Washel demonstrated convincingly to me his courage, his professionalism and his attention to detail. As a tireless advocate on behalf of all of our county’s emergency responders and one committed to the public safety of all Monroe County residents in not just empty words, but deeds, he deserves your vote for county council.

--Kenneth L. Shafer


As mayor, it was my great honor to swear in public safety officers. Eighteen years after I swore Jayme Washel into the BFD, he’s stepping up and running for a seat on county council, and I think he’s just what our community needs.

Jayme has worked his way up from firefighter to deputy chief. Along the way, he’s saved lives and has been recognized by his peers as Fire Officer of The Year. Jayme created new training protocols that have been emulated across the state. He’s brought innovative technology to BFD and he has created strategies to combat the opioid crisis.

As deputy chief, Jayme is is a steward of our tax dollars, managing a multimillion dollar budget and 109 firefighters. Every day, Jayme goes above and beyond the call of duty to protect our families and communities.

Over the next four years, our representatives will have to set budget priorities and community goals. Jayme’s done that for years, and our community is safer as a result.

I hope you will join me in voting for Jayme Washel for county council District 2 on May 8.

John Fernandez, Bloomington mayor (1996 - 2003)


I’m writing to support Jayme Washel for County Council District 2.

I’ve known Jayme now for about 15 years. At one point, we coached football together. Throughout these years, I have been fortunate to witness the positive influence he has had on the youth in our community, and the dedication he has as a public servant in Bloomington.

I have found him to be a very dedicated husband and father and an all-around decent family man. I, too, come from a family of firefighters and know the drive, dedication and sacrifice required. He has a truly impressive drive and always seems to go above and beyond what is required in his position as deputy fire chief.

As an 18-year union member, Jayme would be an appropriate voice for the working class, and essentially a voice for the average citizen. This is why I support him and will give him my vote. We need a voice for the people.

I support Jayme Washel for City Council.

--Patrick Cannon