Letters to the Editor Supporting Geoff Bradley

Bradley choice for judge (HT: 4/18/18)

We write to express our support for Geoff Bradley, who is running for judge in Monroe Circuit Court.

We have known Geoff for a decade, and he is exactly the sort of person you would want on the bench. In all of our various interactions, Geoff has demonstrated himself to be of the highest character. He is one of the hardest working people we know — frequently staying late at the office to prepare a case — and he pays extremely close attention to detail.

Without question, he would come to every hearing or trial ready and informed. Geoff is fair, and he is committed to equality and justice for everyone, not just the most affluent or able. Geoff is a strong communicator, and we are confident that he will be attentive to all constituents, inside and outside of the courtroom.

Geoff is also exceptionally considerate — the sort of person would readily help someone in need, friend or stranger. But most important to us, Geoff is running for the right reason — to make our community better.

Clark and Molly Barwick


Excited to vote for Bradley (HT: 4/26/18)

We encourage you to vote for Geoff Bradley in the May 8 primary election. He is running for judge of the 10th Circuit Court Monroe, Division 9, Seat 8.

We met Geoff and his wife, Megan, in our first childbirth education class. In the six years since, we have spent much quality time with the Bradley family. Geoff is a caring father, dedicated professional and thoughtful community contributor.

Judges in Monroe County manage a wide variety of cases, and we’re excited to vote for Geoff because of the excellent professional experiences he’s accumulated during his 23 years in the law.

From juvenile court to higher education to misdemeanor and felony work, Geoff has worked in a variety of legal arenas. His work ethic is amazing. We know Monroe County will benefit greatly from his leadership as a judge.

We have witnessed his patient and loving approach with his children both on the soccer field and off. He is supportive of his kids learning new skills and trying new things. His calm personality, flexibility and patience will be an asset to him in this role.

Learn more at www.bradley4judge.com. Please join us in voting May 8 for Geoff Bradley.

Michele Kelmer & Victor Kaposonore



Pleased to support Bradley for judge (HT: 4/27/18)

As a former intern for Geoff Bradley, it is my immense pleasure to support him in his campaign for Monroe County judge. Throughout my time working with him I found him to be very knowledgeable in the application of the law, ethical and of high integrity.

I was able to witness Mr. Bradley fulfill his responsibilities as a prosecutor by diligently working toward a fair and just outcome. When I had the opportunity to observe him working with victims of horrible crimes, I saw a man full of compassion.

Monroe County would be well-served if Geoff Bradley were to be elected as judge.

Shannon M. Phillips



Bradley’s knowledge will benefit court (HT: 4/27/18)

I am writing to support Geoff Bradley’s bid for election as Monroe County Circuit Court judge. Geoff supervised me while I interned at the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office. I found Geoff approachable and always eager to teach and mentor us interns.

I assisted Geoff while preparing for several trials, and he was always methodical and worked with integrity. I saw his integrity exemplified after I left the office and worked for another organization, studying prosecutorial misconduct and wrongful convictions.

While researching, I interviewed Geoff, and we spoke candidly about the topic. He was knowledgeable about social issues and potential problems in the criminal justice system and how prosecutors can ensure the system is working. I truly believe Geoff would bring the integrity he showed as a prosecutor to his role as a judge in acting as a neutral party ensuring justice.

His knowledge of the system and its intricacies will be a benefit to all in the courtroom. Geoff’s skill, dedication and integrity will make him an excellent judge, and I hope Monroe County gets the opportunity to see this.

Kelsie Sicinski

Williamsburg, Virginia


Bradley cares about community (HT: 5/4/18)

My husband Doug and I will be casting our votes for Geoff Bradley in the upcoming primary election. Observing Geoff and how he balances time with his family and his work life over the last six years through swimming lessons and soccer practice, it is clear he cares deeply about his family, work and community.

He is patient, thoughtful and generous with his time. On several occasions, we’ve observed Geoff under significant work pressure, and it’s clear he is professional, dedicated and always looks for the best possible solution to a difficult situation.

Supporting Geoff’s candidacy is important to us only in part because of the person he is. The larger driver is how much we love Bloomington and Monroe County. We want Geoff, with his experience and compassion, to be a member of the judiciary here. We know Geoff would be honored to serve his community in this way.

Geoff’s focus, determination, experience and passion for community will make him an effective, dedicated judge. We invite you to join us in voting for Geoff on or before May 8.

Sarah Booher