Letters to the Editor Supporting Chris Gaal

Chris Gaal is running for Judge in the May primary.

Chris has been serving the community as a thoughtful and innovative public servant for more than 20 years. As prosecutor, he has not only successfully brought criminals to justice, but he has collaborated with many organizations — IU, Susi’s Place, IU Health SANE nurses, social services, nursing homes and consumer groups, to mention a few, to make this county a more compassionate and responsive place to live. Most recently, he has worked with Middle Way House to bring training for law enforcement to identify and record evidence of strangulation in cases of domestic violence.

Chris Gaal has a keen sense of and devotion to social justice. He knows what he believes in, and he acts on what he believes is right. We will be fortunate to have him as judge.

---Charlotte Zietlow


Community leadership, experience and temperament make Chris Gaal my choice for judge, Monroe Circuit Court II.

I have known him for almost 20 years as a community advocate, as a lawyer in private practice and as our Monroe County prosecuting attorney. During this time, Chris appeared in my courtroom many, many times in both civil and criminal cases. Preparation, patience and skilled advocacy were the hallmarks of his lawyerly presentations. His abiding respect for each litigant, each lawyer, each witness was noteworthy. This temperament on the bench will serve our community well.

Chris Gaal’s leadership and commitment to the public good reach deep and wide within Monroe County. His efforts were central to the establishment of our mental health court, our sexual assault response team and our advocacy center for children (known as Susie’s Place). A great listener and collaborator, he brought together all of the stakeholders to forge local solutions to serious local problems. Chris Gaal will continue to lead as Judge, Monroe Circuit Court II.

--Elizabeth Mann


Chris Gaal has worked hard to ensure that our local court system provides fair and equal justice while also pioneering progressive new ideas to meet the difficult challenges facing our community.

As a retired nurse, I am particularly appreciate of one such accomplishment — the Nurse Family Partnership program. Gaal worked with IU Community Health and other stakeholders to bring that program to our community. Nurse Family Partnership pairs a first-time mom living in poverty with a free home-visit nurse from pregnancy through the first two years of a child’s life.

At the recent grand opening celebration, Gaal spoke and described how this program results in a broad range of benefits, including improved health, economic stability and public safety. These benefits last well into later years of life and positively influence the child, mother and entire community.

This is yet another example of the kind of forward thinking, prevention-based community initiative that Chris Gaal has excelled at over the years. He understands how a creative focus on problem-solving courts and community-based resources can help reduce recidivism, reduce costs for taxpayers and increase public safety.

Gaal deserves our vote for judge in Seat 2.

--Beth H. Hollingsworth


Chris Gaal has a distinguished record as Monroe County prosecutor because he has used his office to address the needs of those most vulnerable in our community — the young, the elderly, victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, and those dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues. His progressive approach emphasized education and compassion first rather than prosecution as the only path.

As a judge, Chris Gaal will bring to the bench his diverse experience in private law practice, his time served on the Bloomington City Council and his progressive commitment to justice as Monroe County prosecutor. His dedication to serving the public will serve all in our community well.

Having worked closely with Chris Gaal on the Bloomington City Council, I saw that he was always willing to listen to others and find the way through difficult issues. He will be a fair-minded judge dedicated to the well-being of the community. I am confident in his ability to make careful and well-reasoned decisions that will ensure fair and equal justice for all.

Please join me in voting for Chris Gaal for Judge for Monroe County Circuit Court II.

--Tim Mayer


I am proud to support Chris Gaal for Monroe County Circuit Court Judge, Seat 2. I have known Chris since he began his legal career in Monroe County more than 20 years ago. 

Early on, we practiced in the same firm, where I saw firsthand his dedication to his clients and his unmatched work ethic. He has amassed diverse legal experiences essential to serve the community effectively as a judge: civil law in private practice (family, personal injury, contracts, immigration) and criminal defense, including as a public defender. He has served in the prosecutor's office for half of his career and has conducted major jury trials.

Chris embodies principles of progressive community leadership mirroring his broad experience. He has a proven record of supporting community initiatives and helping to build collaborative partnerships, such as the Sexual Assault Response Team and the Child Advocacy Center. He has supported and improved Adult Protective Services and works collaboratively with Debra Morrow of Middle Way House. He listens to people and treats them respectfully.

Having dedicated his career to public service, Chris will be a fair and impartial judge. He will work diligently to ensure equal justice for all. Vote for Chris Gaal for Judge!

--Janet Stavropoulos


I’ve known, worked with, and gladly voted for Chris Gaal since the 20th century.

Democrats first nominated Chris for office in 1999. Since then, he’s served as city council member, city council president, and prosecutor. Now Chris seeks and deserves Democrats’ support for judge.

In every office in which he’s served, Chris Gaal has represented our party’s and our community’s interests well. As District 6 councilman, Chris championed the cause that our community’s unique character and economic strength go hand-in-hand.

As at-large councilman, he worked for progressive language in the Growth Policies Plan to promote sustainable design practices that emphasize renewable energy and resource use and pollution prevention.

As prosecutor, Chris launched numerous imaginative and effective initiatives to make Monroe County safer and in so doing made his office a statewide model. All these examples show good judgment. All this work demonstrates a commitment to Democratic Party values.

Chris has consistently provided progressive community leadership. He has a proven track record of working hard to make Bloomington and Monroe County a better place to live.

That’s the philosophy and experience Chris Gaal has brought to the table and will bring to the bench.

--Mark Kruzan


Chris Gaal has the breadth of experience making him the candidate uniquely qualified for judge of the Monroe County Circuit Court II. He has served in both the legislative and executive branches of local government and currently interacts in significant aspects of the judicial branch.

His position of prosecutor has allowed him to observe and participate in major decisions impacting this community and the criminal justice system.

Chris Gall has devoted one aspect of his professional life to the administration of justice and principled participation in local governmental affairs and another aspect to community service at large. His leadership roles in the implementation of Susie’s Place Child Advocacy Center and the Mental Health Court serve to illustrate this valued community involvement.

His more than twenty years of practicing law as both a defense attorney and a prosecutor and his extensive experiences in civil and criminal law are a strong foundation for continued service to the community as a judicial officer.

I urge your support for Chris Gaal in the forthcoming primary election.

--James L. Kennedy


Chris Gaal has my vote for judge of Circuit Court 2. I have known Chris since his service on the Bloomington City Council and have followed his career as Monroe County prosecutor with admiration.

With more than 20 years of practicing law, he is well-qualified for the bench. As council member at-large, Chris was thorough in researching policy and writing legislation. When it came to hard decisions, Chris did his homework, was thoughtful in his responses and strived for civil debate when the votes were contentious. His analytical mind and ability to remain cool under pressure are characteristics that will serve him well as judge.

I observe the same thoughtful service in his role as prosecutor. Anchored by progressive and compassionate values, Chris collaborates with other community leaders to improve public health and safety. Focusing on prevention, education, rehabilitation and problem-solving, he builds productive working relationships with community partners.

As a woman in leadership, I respect his strong support for Middle Way House, a vital resource for domestic violence survivors. Fair decision-making is the key to success in his distinguished careers in public service. As judge, Chris Gaal will manage his cases with respect and equal treatment under the law.

--Susan Sandberg


I have known Chris since he was in law school. His career to work on behalf of people began then and has continued over the years since his graduation. One can look at the list of his accomplishments that support women who have been sexually assaulted, his commitment to protecting children and the elderly through initiatives such as the child and senior advocacy programs that came through the prosecutors office. The list of accomplishments is long as is that of the many awards he has received over the years.

These are enough reasons to vote for Chris, however, for me there are additional reasons. Chris’s commitment comes from a place of ethical and fair treatment for everyone, of responsibility to the people he serves and genuine concern for their welfare.

Programs, awards and deep concern are all the reasons for casting your vote for Chris on May 8.

--Gracia Valliant


With the upcoming retirement of several experienced judges in Monroe County, our local justice system is in transition. We’re fortunate to have Chris Gaal want to serve our community further in the judiciary.

As a city council member and our county prosecutor, Chris has always been interested in improving our community via hard work and practical approaches to addressing some of our most challenging problems.

He recognizes that making our community better and safer involves all of us. He’s committed to education about our roles in building a safer community and deepening our understanding of various justice issues.

He’s not just interested in doing a good job. He’s proactive about what works, from problem-solving courts to the recent nurse family partnership, from children to elders.

I’ve practiced law here for over 30 years and am confident Chris will be a fair and impartial judge. He also has a deeper level of commitment that will serve us well.

I support Chris Gaal for Monroe Circuit Court Judge and encourage others to do so.

--Marcy Wenzler


I am writing in support of Chris Gaal for judge of Monroe Circuit Court 2.

During Chris’s time as prosecutor of Monroe County, he has started programs that have made and will continue to make a difference for people I work with and care about, the same people who are often forgotten: children, women, people with disabilities, those with a mental illness and the elderly.

I have taken a tour of Susie’s Place and seen the care that those who work there take to make children feel safe enough to share stories of abuse and/or neglect. I know some of the young mothers who will benefit from home visits from a nurse. Every day, I see people who will benefit from having more case workers in adult protective services.

You can read Chris’s list of achievements and see that he uses common sense and has compassion for everyone. I believe that he will bring that same sense of compassion to his courtroom as judge of Circuit Court 2 and I intend to vote for him.

--Lori Tussey


I support Chris Gaal for Judge of Monroe Circuit Court 2. Chris has dedicated his career to public service. During his three terms as Monroe County prosecuting attorney, he has been a driving force behind multiple groundbreaking local partnerships to address issues directly impacting the safety of our community such as sexual assault, child abuse, crimes against the elderly and drinking and driving.

He has placed a high priority on public education and crime prevention, including reducing recidivism. Chris is a true problem solver who solicits input, listens carefullyand responds thoughtfully. His accomplishments for this community are far too numerous to list here but can be found at monroeprosecutor.us

I have known Chris since he graduated law school and was able to work with him on creating educational videos focused on issues important to seniors and their families. I have witnessed Chris’s commitment to ensuring justice, particularly for the most vulnerable members of our community. As a now retired Bloomington lawyer, I believe that Chris will be a conscientious, fair, and ethical judge who will treat all litigants with respect. I urge your support for Chris Gaal in the upcoming election.

--Jamie Andree


Anything I note here about Chris Gaal will be insufficient to convey the deep admiration I have for his character, his evenhandedness, preparedness and his careful study of any issue he encounters. I’ve watched Chris firsthand from the time we were both elected to public office almost 20 years ago. He was dedicated and organized in that first campaign, and it’s been a joy to watch him grow those innate skills as president of the city council and as county prosecutor. He would make an excellent, thoughtful judge.

Over his career, Chris has really dedicated his abilities in government and the law to creating partnerships and programs that focus on problem solving, education, rehabilitation — programs that serve county residents, including senior citizens, students, those touched by addictions or mental health issues. The list of resources built with his collaboration includes those that we now consider essential in our community. Chris Gaal embodies to me what it means when we say Bloomington is special.

Chris’s wide range of awards for accomplishments in public service are a testament to his leadership. Before you vote in this election, please take a few minutes to review his experience and public service at chrisgaal.org.

--Regina Moore


I am voting for Chris Gaal for Monroe County judge, and I encourage others to do so too. Chris has demonstrated sound knowledge of the law, good judgment, and strong leadership as Monroe County prosecutor. In fact, leadership and collaboration have been hallmarks throughout his career. Those same skills will make him a very effective judge.

I especially appreciate his leadership in bringing together community and campus leaders to address problems related to sexual assault and drinking and driving. In 2009 Chris worked to secure grant funding to begin the sexual assault nurse examiner program at the local hospital. His understanding of the need for such a program and his determination in pursing financial support provided the base from which the program has grown.

The “Get a Ride” prevention campaign he created was recognized by the Campus Community Commission on Alcohol. There are many other areas in which he has shown comparable leadership. Our community will be well served to have him as judge in Monroe County Circuit Court II.

--Richard McKaig


In more than 30 years of work in courts, corrections and child welfare, I have not known a more accomplished, fair-minded and progressive candidate for the bench than Chris Gaal. Chris has more than 20 years of diverse legal experience, both as prosecutor and as criminal defense attorney representing private clients and public defender cases. He has also practiced in family law, small claims, civil litigation, and immigration. Chris has conducted high-profile jury trials in serious felony cases, and has served as pro tempore judge.

Chris approaches complex situations with equanimity. He also brings a progressive commitment that has contributed to improved quality of justice in our community. As our prosecutor, Chris has proved what a difference the right person can make in bringing people together to create valuable new community resources, including the Mental Health Court, the Sexual Assault Response Team, Susie’s Place Child Advocacy Center, and the Nurse Family Partnership. Please join me in voting for Chris Gall for judge in Circuit Court 2.

--Doris Parlette


Chris Gaal is my friend. I watched him in action as a fellow Democratic council member for four years and as prosecutor for many more years than that.

Chris Gaal was working on quality of life issues along with serious social issues with me on the council. As prosecutor, Chris has worked directly with Middle Way House to help prevent and deal with violence against women, has worked to publicize fraud and abuse of the elderly and pushed for reform in the justice system.

Chris has tirelessly served his local community at the seriously challenging and even dangerous job as prosecutor. I’ve always been impressed with his balanced approach to people and issues. His calm “high road “ campaigning and his guitar playing pirate band reflect the cheerful warrior we have in Chris.

He’s been here in the community and has been a Democrat selflessly serving Bloomington citizens as long as I have known him. I’m voting for the lifelong progressive Democrat who has consistently worked for fairness and justice right here in Bloomington. That can only mean Chris Gaal for judge.

--Chris Sturbaum


We have known Chris Gaal for more than 20 years, and we believe he will be an outstanding Monroe County judge. Chris has extensive experience in civil law as an attorney in private practice, and in criminal law as the county prosecutor. In addition, he has broad knowledge of community issues.

As prosecutor, he has actively participated with many community groups addressing different public concerns such as homelessness. He has also taught a law course at the Kelley School of Business, where he was a popular instructor.

Chris Gaal has our vote for County Judge Monroe Circuit Court 2.

--Ron and Frona Powell


I met Chris Gaal when he was serving on city council and working in private law practice. During the more than 15 years I have known Chris, he has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to this community, to progressive values and to serving vulnerable populations.

As prosecutor, Chris transformed what justice means in this community by focusing on prevention, education and rehabilitation. Knowing that lasting change comes through broad community engagement and collaboration, Chris built alliances to address difficult issues. He helped establish a mental health court, a sexual assault response team and a child advocacy center, to name a few of his accomplishments.

The transformation of the prosecutor’s office started by Chris will be enduring, improving justice in this community. Prior to being prosecutor, Chris worked as a defense attorney representing clients in criminal and civil cases.

He is ready to take this unique combination of experience and apply it to being a Monroe County Circuit Court judge. Based on my knowledge of Chris, as judge, he will be fair, impartial and treat everyone with respect. A vote for Chris Gaal for judge is a vote for a community that values all citizens and works toward a more just society.

--Marcia Veldman


I am writing in support of Chris Gaal’s candidacy for Monroe County Judge. Chris’s solid record of achievement and sound judgment make him the better candidate.

I have known Chris for more than 20 years, through his time as a practicing attorney, as a member of the city council, and in his 12 years of innovative leadership as Monroe County prosecutor. During that time, he has exhibited sound judgment, strong leadership on important issues and a commitment to improving the quality of life in the Bloomington community.

I have been particularly impressed with his interest in pursuing and implementing innovative solutions to community problems and concerns as well as taking a real common sense approach in the administration of justice. The prosecutor’s office’s participation in the effective problem solving courts, and Chris’s leadership in developing collaborative approaches to handling sexual assault cases and domestic violence issues clearly demonstrate his progressive thinking.

Our community will face many challenges in the coming years, and we will be well served by having Chris’s experience and vision as part of our local judiciary. Please join me in supporting Chris Gaal for Monroe County Judge.

--Pete Giordano


I am writing in support of Chris Gaal for judge of Monroe Circuit Court 2.

During Chris’s time as prosecutor of Monroe County, he has started programs that have made and will continue to make a difference for people I work with and care about, the same people who are often forgotten: children, women, people with disabilities, those with a mental illness and the elderly.

I have taken a tour of Susie’s Place and seen the care that those who work there take to make children feel safe enough to share stories of abuse and/or neglect. I know some of the young mothers who will benefit from home visits from a nurse. Every day, I see people who will benefit from having more case workers in Adult Protective Services.

You can read Chris’s list of achievements and see that he uses common sense and has compassion for everyone. I believe that he will bring that same sense of compassion to his courtroom as judge of Circuit Court 2 and I intend to vote for him.

--Lori Tussey


In this time of national doubt about the quality of our public servants, Chris Gaal stands out as the obvious choice for judge, Monroe County Circuit Court 2. No other candidate can begin to approach his past record of public service, from his beginning as an elected member of the Bloomington City Council to his long, distinguished practice of law in so many capacities. His most recent stint, as Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney, was what I have come to expect: An office much improved for his having led its way.

He makes our choice so easy: Chris Gaal for Judge, Monroe County Circuit Court 2.

--Tomilea Allison


I am supporting Chris Gaal in his run for Monroe County Circuit Court Judge, Seat 2. Chris has served this community extremely well in his role as county prosecutor and would provide the same respectful, diligent and impartial approach to the role of judge. He has practiced law in this community for 20 years, both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney.

I have known Chris for several years and as a hospital social worker, I had many occasions to work with him in his capacity as prosecutor. Chris has a genuine interest in the community and has demonstrated time and again his willingness to engage and collaborate with other local and state agencies to promote programs that benefit both town and gown.

He was instrumental in developing the sexual assault nurse examiner program, which not only provides first rate medical care to assault victims but collects evidence vital to the successful prosecution of assault cases. Multiple other local programs have benefited from Chris’ drive and enthusiasm and he has also worked at the state level to increase funding for the adult protective services program. His intellect and temperament make him an ideal candidate. Please get out and vote!

--Mavis Anderson


Chris Gaal’s work in all aspects of our criminal justice system is one of the reasons I am proud to live in Bloomington. I have known Chris for decades, and his values and career reflect the progressive values of our community. He has dedicated his career to public service as a community leader and is running for judge to continue that commitment.

Chris has been a major influence in shaping the unique progressive culture in the Monroe County justice system. His work has focused on prevention/education, rehabilitation, problem solving resources (drug and alcohol addictions/mental health treatment). Chris worked and collaborated to form a sexual assault response team, strengthen support for victims of domestic violence, create the sexual assault nurse examiner program, and improve adult protective services. His support helped create Susie’s Place, a child advocacy center. Chris is a big part of what makes Bloomington the model community we love. He has improved the quality of life for the most vulnerable among us.

As a member of the board of judges, Chris Gaal will continue his work to make us all proud of the quality of justice in our community.

--Veda Stanfield


Since arriving in Bloomington 25 years ago, I have paid close attention to local government. Our civic leaders usually demonstrate a history of commitment to their local political parties. They work to support other candidates, and they champion issues that align with their core values. This is Chris Gaal.

Chris understands Bloomington — its governance, economic drivers, the diversity of its population and our concerns. He developed this broad understanding through terms on city council, Bloomington Economic Development Corporation, plan commission, MCCSC Foundation and as our prosecutor. Regionally, Chris is a prominent member of the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council, serving as senior member of the Delinquency, Domestic Violence, and Sex Crimes Committee.

Don’t just take my word for it! Chris Gaal has been recognized for his outstanding initiatives in service of the elderly, and of both adult and child victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Essential services like the sexual assault nurse examiner program at Bloomington Hospital and the pediatric forensic medical exam program for child abuse investigations would not be in place without Chris’s advocacy and guidance.

Chris Gaal has dedicated his life to public service and our community. I see no better qualified candidate for judge.

--Jane Rogan


I will be voting for Chris Gaal for judge, Monroe County Circuit Court 2, because he will be fair, respectful and diligent in his work serving our community. In his role as our elected prosecutor, he has worked tirelessly to create and support the development of many valuable community-based resources to address issues that cannot be handled through the criminal justice system alone.

When faced with the need for better community-based and systemwide response to victims of sexual assault, he worked closely with the hospital to develop the sexual assault nurse examiner program; at the same time, he prioritized increasing the expertise in his office and created a new position of sex crimes deputy prosecutor; additionally, he developed and delivered companion education programs in partnership with Indiana University faculty and students and others.

This is just a snapshot; yet, it illustrates his progressive and collaborative approach as a leader in the justice community. He will be impeccable in his administration of justice, and we will be best served by electing Chris Gaal for Judge.

--Kevin S MacDowell


Please join me in voting for Chris Gaal for Judge. Chris has shown throughout his career that he is thoughtful, creative, engaging and community minded. He has demonstrated leadership in creating new programs and services, particularly in the area of sexual violence and helping families, such as: SART (Sexual Assault Response Team), Susie’s Place, Nurse Family Partnership.

His extensive experience in the legal field makes taking on judicial responsibilities as Monroe Circuit Court 2 judge as the logical next step. He will show the same fair-minded dedication in this role as he has as prosecutor. Vote now or vote on May 8, but be sure you vote for Chris Gaal.

--Debbie Melloan


I served with Chris Gaal on the city council and witnessed his exceptional leadership and his tremendous commitment to making our community better. Later, I watched him transform the prosecutor’s office to reflect a progressive new approach to justice. I believe firmly that he is the best choice for judge in Seat 2.

Gaal knows about justice and has years of diverse legal experience — as prosecutor, and as an advocate defending and representing clients. He has tried serious felony jury trials in high-profile cases.

At the same time, he has proven himself as a dedicated, tireless community leader that we can count on to make a positive difference for vulnerable populations. His accomplishments include the sexual assault response team, Susie’s Place Child Advocacy Center and the nurse family partnership — among many others.

Gaal has always acted with fairness and sense of justice, and with a strong emphasis on prevention and problem-solving. We can trust Chris Gaal to listen, be impartial, think carefully and do what he truly believes is the right thing. He has the most important thing a judge needs — good judgment. Please join me in voting Gaal for Judge in Seat 2.

--Andy Ruff


Our judicial system is broken. I want a judicial system that recognizes and incentivizes transformation and fair compassion. Chris Gaal’s experience as a defense attorney, prosecutor and as city council member assures a focus on fairness, prevention/education, rehabilitation and problem solving resources (drug & alcohol addictions/mental health treatment).

Chris Gaal brought that community perspective to the prosecutor’s office in surprising ways to help women, children, seniors and those with mental health issues. He used the prosecutor’s office to create or nurture programs that help those who need it the most such as: a sexual assault response team, Susie’s Place Child Advocacy Center, a pharmaceutical safe disposal program, a dropout prevention program, a new mental health court, domestic violence process improvements, a guardianship and protective program for incapacitated adults and a nurse/family partnership program.

Our justice system might be broken, but there are some people to strengthen its compassionate course. For more than 20 years, Chris listens, treats people with respect, makes impartial decisions. Help improve the quality of justice in our community, vote Chris Gaal for judge.

--Cynthia Bretheim


I have worked with Chris Gaal for more than 20 years in both private practice and in the prosecutor’s office. His life experience and professional qualifications and accomplishments are proof that he will be an outstanding judge for the people of Monroe County.

Chris has always displayed a unique commitment to public service. It is not merely a job to him; it is who he is: a problem solver. Even before becoming a lawyer, Chris was an active advocate for the less fortunate and oppressed here and elsewhere. His entire adult life has been dedicated to improving the “system” to make it more responsive to the needs and concerns of ordinary people, especially those whose voices frequently go unheard.

His commitment continued after he became a lawyer by representing people with a wide range of legal problems; and then as prosecuting attorney. Most important is his exceptional character and integrity. He is the kind of human being we need making judicial decisions for the people of Monroe County. We can count on him to make fair and impartial decisions according to the law and facts of each case. Please join me in supporting Chris Gaal for Judge.

--Bob Miller


I urge my fellow Monroe County citizens to vote for Chris Gaal for Circuit Court judge. Chris has the experience, character and knowledge to be an excellent judge.

He has served as Monroe County prosecutor since 2007, fighting crime. In his 20-year legal career, Chris also has defended those accused of crimes, handled family law cases and civil cases while in private practice. His depth of experience in all areas of the law will help Chris make good decisions in the wide range of cases he will be presented with as a Circuit Court judge.

As judge, Chris Gaal will listen. He will treat people with respect and make impartial decisions based on the evidence presented and on the rule of law. Chris is a problem solver who has been actively involved in the community. He brings his progressive values to the bench.

In particular, in criminal cases, he will be focused on prevention/education, rehabilitation and problem-solving resources, such as family and drug courts. As a trial lawyer, it is important that Chris has trial experience. More importantly, though, Chris has consistently demonstrated good judgment in his service to the community. Vote Chris Gaal for Monroe Circuit Court judge.

--Betsy K. Greene


I write in support of Chris Gaal for Monroe County Circuit Court Judge, Seat 2. Chris brings significant legal experience to the bench, having practiced law in Bloomington for more than 20 years. Chris demonstrates the type of integrity, thorough preparation thoughtful consideration of the many aspects of human issues vital to the role of judge.

Beyond his legal practice, Chris is an active leader across a range of issues significant to our community. I had the opportunity to work with Chris in the development of our local sexual assault response team.

Chris initiated this effort and brought together representatives of law enforcement agencies, Middle Way House, IU, and Bloomington Hospital to create a collaborative partnership in response to sexual assault in our community, including developing a sexual assault nurse examiner program.

He worked to procure funds for the training of nurses. This program and these professionals, who are truly the backbone of our community resources for victims of sexual assault today, are here because of the vision, work and leadership of Chris Gaal.

We can expect this same leadership and active effort for the improvement of our community from him as judge.

--Carol McCord