Letters to the Editor Supporting Catherine Stafford

Stafford for judge (HT: 3/30/18)

Years ago, in my home state of New York, I had reason to come before a judge in a domestic dispute. I was a young adult, but very naive. I thought that all judges were fair and patient. He was neither of those things, and it colored the way I felt about the courts and justice for a long time.

I’m writing today in support of Catherine Stafford for Monroe Circuit Court Judge in Division VI. I have had the pleasure of working with Catherine over the past year and have found her to be intelligent, sensitive and incisive. On her campaign website, she says, “I believe that a good judge is one who knows the law, listens to both sides carefully, weighs the evidence and makes a prompt and well-reasoned decision.”

I agree. She will be the judge that I’d hoped would have helped me through a very stressful time so long ago.

Monica Dignam



Stafford well qualified (HT: 4/4/18)

Strong Monroe County judges are critical to our quality of life, but If past is prologue, then voting for judges is probably not what will motivate you to vote in the primary this spring. But it should.

So what does a strong judge look like? Lawyers will look for courtroom experience; teachers, reason as well as clarity; community organizers, involvement; business leaders, efficiency and sound judgment. Catherine Stafford has all of these qualities in spades.

Do you simply want someone who will be smart, fair, and understanding — basically, a good person? Then your choice on the Democratic ballot is easy. Although she represents a district, all Monroe County voters may vote for her.

Catherine Stafford is my niece. I have been in her life from the time she was born until the present woman she is today. Her sense of justice, her understanding of human nature in all its colors and proclivities, her hard work, and her intellect have always been in evidence, but never more so than it is today. She will bring these qualities to the bench when you vote for her on May 8 and again in the fall.

Susan J. Davis



Stafford has what it takes (HT: 4/6/18)

Catherine Stafford, candidate for Monroe Circuit Court judge, has the legal expertise and leadership skills to greatly benefit our county’s citizens.

I have had the chance to witness her energy and skills while participating with her on two separate, local boards of directors. She has devoted many hours to building effective and organized leadership structures for those organizations.

Catherine is not afraid to think creatively in tackling large issues. She has already taken the initiative as a candidate to suggest solutions to some of the large issues facing the courts. For example, she has suggested the potential to establish a night court to help parties who find themselves in court address their legal issues with fewer disruptions to their workdays.

Catherine’s law practice reflects her values, taking an innovative approach to the delivery of legal services, continually implementing and evaluating technological solutions for effectiveness, building a practice that stresses collaborative solutions over conflict and creating a work environment at her office that flexes to the needs of her employees’ families. I have no doubt that she will maintain that same spirit of innovation and compassion as a judge.

I warmly encourage you to vote for Catherine Stafford.

Erin Martoglio



Stafford suited for judgeship (HT: 4/18/18)

I am delighted to be able to support Catherine Stafford’s candidacy for Monroe Circuit Court judge. Ms. Stafford’s unmistakable intelligence, her empathy, her expertise in and familiarity with family law and other civil matters, her extensive experience as a pro tem (temporary) judge, her organizational skills, and her dedication to making the judicial process more accessible, transparent, and fair for litigants without attorneys all make her eminently and uniquely suited for the position.

It is likely that a newly elected judge will have a docket including family law and/or small claims cases, a perfect match for what Ms. Stafford will bring to the position.

Karen A. Wyle



Stafford cares about doing right thing (HT: 4/19/18)

To begin, yes, I’m horribly biased. Catherine Stafford is my wife. I love her dearly. However, I also have infinitely more access and visibility into her character and life choices.

In my entire life, I have never met a more hardworking, fair-minded and ethically driven person than Catherine Stafford. She is the most over-prepared person in everything she does. She shows up early to help setup, and stays late to clean up. She tips wait staff well. She supports causes enthusiastically and actually cares. Not only cares, but does something about it.

But more specific to this election, she is an incredible, proven attorney, law school adjunct professor, mediator and small business owner. She is an innovator and tech-savvy. She is asked regularly to “temp” for judges, acting as judge for a day. If those judges trust her with their benches, well, that’s saying something.

And most importantly of all, I want everyone to know that I have seen her deny herself, to take the worse deal, to sacrifice her comfort when it’s the right thing to do. She deeply cares about doing the right thing.

This is the kind of person we want to be judge in Monroe County.

Troy Maynard