Letter to the editor: William and Okja Mackie

Letter: Vote for Barge

Vote for Barge

To the editor:

For nearly three decades we have been frequent visitors to Bloomington and Monroe County. Having lived all over the world, we have observed first hand the types of governance that move progressive communities forward. This community’s legacy of local business and civic leaders working closely together to provide the community and neighboring Indiana University with the very best in local governance and a viable local economy are traits other counties and cities should emulate.

In order to sustain and add to Monroe County’s admirable achievements, we strongly endorse Amanda Barge for the impending vacancy on the Monroe County Board of Commissioners. Her academic background and lon-time business experience in the heart of Bloomington provide Barge with the knowledge and experience needed to expertly serve Monroe County and its citizens. Finally, to Barge’s immense credit, she selflessly works with local charities and civic groups supporting Monroe County’s less fortunate residents. A vote for Barge is clearly in order.

William and Okja Mackie

Potomac Falls, Virginia