Letter to the editor: Victoria Burke

Letter: A leader we need

To the editor:

I met Amanda Barge through a mutual friend Sophia Travis. A group of women were participating in the cake project creating a version of the Kinsey House. Sophia had called me to enlist me to join. In having no baking skills I suggested Lisa Borrero another mutual friend and that to find out later is a childhood friend of Amanda’s. After Sophia’s death a committee was created to honor her legacy. It was in creating the Non-Profit Friends of Sophia Travis Memorial Fund that I came to work closely with Amanda on the Women in Government Plaza on the Monroe County Courthouse Square.

During the project, which Amanda coordinated and communicated effectively with all parties involved:

• fundraising efforts

• filed for and formed a nonprofit

• negotiated terms with both the county and the commissioned artist

• managed a large budget with a high activity

• worked directly with the county commissioners on logistics

• involved local children with activities during the archaeological dig with County Councilor Cheryl Munson.

Having worked alongside Amanda through this project – I stand by her candidacy for Monroe County Commissioner. Amanda Barge is the respectful, competent leader we need and deserve.

Victoria Burke