Letter to the editor: Vi Simpson

Letter: Wealth of knowledge

To the editor:

As a former Monroe County auditor, I know that competence and integrity in the office of auditor is essential to the functioning of all county government. We are fortunate to have a competent and experienced person running for Monroe County auditor.

Terri Porter brings a wealth of knowledge from her federal government career, in which she managed the oversight of billions of tax dollars. She was consistently promoted until she held one of the top jobs in her agency. She was often recognized for transforming troubled offices into high performers and ensuring public dollars were spent appropriately and in a transparent fashion.

Part of the job of Auditor is to build relationships with the public and all county offices to ensure a well managed government. Not only does Terri possess technical skills needed to be our Auditor, she has the required people skills.

Terri has strong roots in Monroe County and cares deeply for our community. Her high standards for ethics and integrity, as well as her skills and expertise, will guarantee professionalism, trust and confidence in the auditor's office.

I am pleased to endorse Terri Porter for Monroe County auditor. Please join me in voting for Terri.

Vi Simpson