Letter to the editor: Susan Sandberg

Letter: Leadership and integrity

Leadership and integrity

To the editor:

When studying candidates for public office, voters have much to consider; experience being a prime consideration.

The retirement of Iris Kiesling as County Commissioner will leave a tremendous experience gap, and I take my role as voter seriously in deciding which of the candidates has the most relevant experiences to fill this important job. For me, that candidate is Rick Dietz. Since he and a handful of volunteers came on board to support my first campaign in 2003, I’ve known Rick as a generous friend, a communications expert, a capable strategist and a dedicated community activist. He has shown exemplary leadership in supporting other public officials who share his love of community and has served as a collaborative member of the Monroe County Council. Council fiscal experience is a solid foundation for a commissioner.

As a decision-maker, Rick does careful research and uses his keen analytical skills to weigh in on thoughtful solutions to community challenges. I’m happy to support Rick Dietz in his campaign for Monroe County Commissioner for the relevant experiences in public service that he brings to the position. He has been tested in ways that instill my confidence in his leadership and integrity.

Susan Sandberg