Letter to the editor: Scott Wells

Letter: Urges support for 2

To the editor:

In the past elections, just basing a candidate’s credibility on gender has proven embarrassing — to the person, party, and county. As moderator of the DFMC Democratic Primary Debates which were held on March 21 and March 29, the candidates of the contested races were vetted by a series of probing questions. After studying the candidate’s submitted DFMC Questionnaire’s and Debates, I urge you to vote for John Whikehart, Commissioner and Kevin Easton, Auditor. John Whikehart is a top-leader.

Besides being Governor Frank O’Bannon’s Chief of Staff 1988-91, Bloomington Deputy Mayor and Ivy Tech Chancellor for 13 years; John Whikehart’s record proves he completes the mission. Recently, our county’s per capita has decreased by 1.4 percent and GDP fallen by 1.2 percent; The county council’s emergency “Rainy Day Fund” has been almost zeroed out. John Whikehart’s communication skills, will help bring in good paying jobs that will increase our tax base and county revenue. Kevin Easton, Auditor candidate, has the tools/qualifications; Kevin Easton is the ONLY candidate that has a college accounting degree, MBA and is former auditor of the Defense Department who managed billions of federal tax-dollars.

Scott Wells