Letter to the editor: Ruth Beasley

Letter:Unique blend

To the editor:

In the 1970s, I first became interested in local issues and political races. For several years, I was surprised to find county races on my ballot. Since, I've learned how important Monroe County commissioners and Monroe County Council are to "city issues."

Rick Dietz is a candidate for county commissioner. I met Rick when our neighborhood faced a project that would have an impact on our area. Not only did he attend endless night and weekend meetings, but he volunteered to investigate and report on the complicated impacts for drainage infrastructure. His extensive research and ability to explain findings to people with various backgrounds was outstanding.

Rick's job as director of information technology for the city demonstrated his ability to lead in an area of rapidly changing needs. Coupled with his role as co-owner of two small businesses he will bring a wide array of experience to the commissioners. Adding his four years of service on the county council, his qualifications are a unique blend of city and county and commercial experience.

His interest in using technology to provide transparency on county government, commitment to good local wages, and to services for all citizens including the needy is also unique.

Ruth Beasley